Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, January 18, 2010
gentle reader, today mom discoveredmy blog! she has been sik since Yum-Yum bit through her right hand an it go so infected day almost put mommy in the hosptal so i thought she wont know i got her laptop but BIG OOPSY!

SHE CACT WRITE WID HER HAND IN A CAST but she say "Panda, my boy,you have done a goog job here, now i don't know how to do this but our art friend doed. would you mind if we ask her to help?"
"I goin' to da OlympiS! I gwon to day Olymps! WheaK! WhhhEaaaK" shouted YumYum.
mom not mad at Yummy for bitin her but still she take a verrry deep breath before esplaining for the ten thousanth time, "no, YUMyum, you are not going to the Olympics. The Olympics are coming HERE, but,  actually they are going to be in 
Vancouver, Canada,dear, across the border where little furry ones cannot go.  We don't have tv but we'll watch "The Colbert Repor" because he'll be there."

Mom used to speedskate.She likey Mr. Colbert.  She got us hats. pins, and speedskating magnets!  She only show the pins but WE LIKE! WE LIKE! 

sHE said,"So, Panda, When my hand out of cast let's learn how to blog, ok with you?"


nOTe from Edtor; SINCE THIS IS pANDA'S blog, do nOt expect any better ThAn this."  I give him full artistic freedom for his own creative self-expreession ands0 that is DAT!"


 (reference:Ohno,American short-track Olympic speedskater)

mOM gwon see surgeon now so we gonna train for 2-pig luge and make umiforns for skeltom-slide, cavy-stle!)