Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear Readers,

first off let me explain the next post: since mom began learning a wonderful new style of Tai Chi and since Jackie Chan's new movie has been released (we haven't seen it yet, but soon!) we're all going into Kung Fu mode. Mom's teacher is also a figure skater, so last night she asked me to find the most astonishing Kung Fu Skating to send to her teacher. I got my first assignment, executed it adroitly (hey i's a guinea pig but not illiterate.) And what you are looking at blew everybody away during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway, except the Russian judges who, of course, were looking for skaters trained in classical ballet at the Kirov---blah, blah, so our dear Elvis received silver instead of gold (which all knew he deserved) but he did go on to Worlds to skate the same program to a gold medal shortly thereafter.

but, i digress. a word: ZOOM!

enough about kittens.

about us: we are happy, because mom, in her continuing efforts to "socialize" the Mahals, now opens our runabout pen (DOWN, FLUFFY, DOWN!) for breakfast, when they are hungriest, and only lets them enjoy their fresh breakfast veggies by climbing onto her lap (FLUFFFFFFFFFFYDOWN=DNKLA;AIEO
G=-67) geez, kittens! so they are beginning to climb onto her lap and let her pet them while they pig out for breakfast because, at the end of the day, food trumps having to be petted and loved by mom...since this wily plan of hers is working, i ALSO now enjoy morning Runabouts with treats except this morning because Important Men Wearing Suits are coming to inspect each unit since our building is now exactly one year old.

since pets are not allowed here, what a fun morning we expect THIS TO BE!

love to all, enjoy Elvis skating full screen is better, music from the Hollywood biography of Bruce Lee, "Dragon" mom's favorite kung fu music, ok she said she also loves "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (well, Yo-Yo Ma, of course!) and "Once Upon A Time in China" ok, mom, we get it, you love Chinese kung fu movies...this is a guinea pig blog, ma! far, Solstice come and gone but temp has not gone above 75 degrees...

YUM-YUM lovsYa!
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