Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calvin "PepperZ" the TRUTH!

Mom, I would never eat a pepper on your bed because that
would make me poo and then I would eat my poo and
I would never do that on your bed!

YumYum: "Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!"

Calvin: "Be NICE. I am made of glass, you know!"

"Just admit you're eating a pepper in mom's bed
because we all know what comes next!"

Calvin: "Cuddles, lots of cuddles from mom. If I finish
it before she notices! nom-nom-nom-n-ooooommmmmm.
Hi mom, I was just meditating...mmm-n-ommmm (cough)."

"Oh, my little precious, are you all right?
YumYum, what's with the attitude? I'll cuddle you next!"

Ain't gonna wanna be in your bed next...


Nothing. G'night, Calvin, mom, Raj - that was a nice flute, by the way,
Taj, I saw you eat it, and nighty-night to you and you, McPies, sleep tight."


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Wake up from nap...mebbe.

Mebbe don't wake up from nap...just snuggle and build flute in head first.
Yeah, sounds like a plan! Hmmm, not to mention the "Dedication..."
Must absolutely be dedicated to Nashville Ann...O.K. Yeah, that!

O.K. Nap over, let's get to work on our flute! First, collect raw materials.

Second, do what we always does, eat it! Eat it good!

TA-DAAAAAH! Now that we have a flute, I am going to run away because I am too humble
to take all the credit I rightfully deserve for waking up, going back to sleep, waking up AGAIN,
finding raw material in pristine (i.e. unchewed) condition, then fashioning a beautiful musical
instrument to be played later when we gets hungry - I mean, when we feels musical.
Ya, dat my story and I stickin' to it: Musical!

TAJ: "I am non-plussed, unimpressed, and shall comsume her flute..."

"MOM! Taj ate my new flute!"

Mom?...stupis migraines! i gotta write a note to NashAnn...
a condolence card:
Dear Nashville Ann,
You flute died.
Love, Raj Mahal, BIG fan

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Mom's Meditation/StayCation Dances With Bees

Mom's "Pony" Miss Daisy, Vintage 1999 Subaru Forester, vehicle of Choice in PacNW

Ya, she got big boobies, get over it! So do I and I'm a boy guinea pig... It happens.
Finding out mine ain't cancer makes us not care WHAT you think of our boobies!
Just wish she wouldn't "sculpt" those arms by weight-lifting us! She said weights
were too heavy and to think of it as an amusement park ride: Up-Breathe Out,
Down, Breathe In...We bit her. Seriously, mom, how Stupis you think we are?

Iz we CanuckIcans? Or AmeriCucks? (NO!)  or...well, on the Border Patriotic!

Don't NOBODY tell CD3 how much salmon, salmon, salmon, salmon they got here...DON'T!
We shall not tell her, either.
"Yo! Miss Piggy, y'ain't gonna believe how much -"
{EDITOR: "YumYum?"}

Iz we back in Iowa? No, this is Birch Bay, Washington on a "Summer Day"


RON, THE SWARMINATOR, COMMUNES WITH HIS BEES! (notice no beekeepin' attire?)

Ron pointed out just how much pollen his beeZ is currently bringin' in from the fields!
Look at all the itty-bitty (not to them, though) orange "saddle-bags" they is carryin' to
their QUEEN! They was very cool, actually, now we lurves bees, too!

At the entrance to the Birch Bay Meditation Center where bees are also invited to meditate.
Maybe that why they such calm, nice bees...Ron and Mom was up close and personal and
they nodded in passing but kept busily bringing pollen into the hive. Now that's some

Today was a great day! Mom was able to drive, walk, meditate, and dance with bees. Now
she home wid us and we gonna make her pay for bein' away so long:

Who loves ya, Baby?!

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