Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"Awe, aren't they cute, Mrs. Mouse?"
(Mr. & Mrs. Mouse courtesy of Fairy!)

"Come on UP, Vinny, this is all 
for You!!!"

"You, too, Peter-Peanut, but you get
Mommy & Me every morning and
most dinners, too! Today we are going
to spend time with each individual piggie
dining, cuddling, scritchy-scratching,
and having Special Lap-Room-Service!"

"Mom, may I taste your fingers for
appetizers? They make me want to POP!"
"Sure, just kissing though, no nips, O.K.?"
"PROMISE, MOM! nom-nom-nom!"

"Awe, C'mon Mom, you're embarrassing
me! I'm the Chief Pirate! Jeez-a-Loo!"

"HEY! Who told you to stop, ma?
I lurves you soooo much and even
Pirates needZ love...Awe, ma, this
new breakfast thing...and I speak
for the Herd since I am YumYum,

{Note from the Editor: How We Do can
actually fit into everyone's habitat or pen and brings
breakfast into the Big Pen for Peter-Peanut and Bhindi who crawl up on her lap via a cuddle-tunnel for a soft
ramp upon which to climb before the "Big Munch & Squeee" as Peter had mom's lap first and is still not
used to sharing her lap or his breakfast. Bhindi has
become much more docile since his stroke-thing, though, so it's working out as Peter learns he will
not leave mom's lap hungry or one snuggle short
of all the affection he can absorb before his morning
nap or Runabout.
Mom also feeds Vinny in his Habitat sitting in her
yoga meditation pose since it is narrow which makes
her create a NASCAR race track which makes Vinny pop-A-lot in between his elegant dining experience!
Mom could do the same thing with YumYum, too, but
he loves to dig his own cuddle cups out of the fleece
on the floor then settle into them after zooming around everyone else's pen riling them up by
taunting them with "I'M ON RUNABOUT AND...
This wears him out, although he can still
ZOOM & TAUNT as well as he ever could,
 so he deservingly waits to be served by mom with no
shortage of lovies with his Big Breakfast!

You are cordially invited to join us.
Wear clothing you never plan to be seen in public
with ever again or we will provide...then laugh
behind your back and after you leave, then POST pictures of you on our blog before telling
everyone we know how funny our friends are
and how much fun we have TOGETHER
cuz we're a wee bit kooky, too,
then we'll miss you and want you back.
Will you join us? Please?

{Lovingly dedicated to CD3, Millie Bea, 
and Almond Joy, her new, firstest guineas!}

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