Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi Y'all, it's me, YumYum, and mom is annoying me. She is gettin' it all in her head that I am doing poorly (or as they say in England, I am a "poorly pig") because I have become lethargic. Well, that might be true. And my spine is fusing and some tumors are larger and we don't know whether or not I have cancer but the vet said if I did we'd of known a LONG time ago and I wouldn't be here describing how much mom is annoying me. I know she is going to take me back to the vet, she think
I don't know what she sayin' on the phone? Is O.K. I just gonna pee squirting horizontal on him and his tie, like last time, no problem! I is fine, just relaxin' me banana-man, goin' a little Jamaica, mon. That woman gets so worked up. Oh Bloody Hork, here she comes with that condescending, "Hey, sweetie, how ya doin'? Wanna snuggle?" Momma, don't make me pee on you like that, you betta watch it! That is all. She is annoying me, probably taking me to the vet, and is speaking in soft, soothing tones that make me feel viscious inside. WANNA CHEW SUMPIN' ARGH, LIKE A PIRATE!

Hmmm...hey, guess who escaped the Runabout this morning and walzed back into the bedroom maze? Taj! Ha! Mom set up a "corral" for the Runabout in the living room but he just 'scaped it cuz he loves the maze and visiting with us, so she was sitting on the bed looking at me when Taj just walzes by and starts playing in the maze and she goes, "Hello Taj, WHAT?!"

We laughed so hard she let Raj in, too, but didn't feel good so she didn't bring in the fence so they run all over wherever they want and peed everywhere to mark new Territory. Take THAT mom, we love you. I still feel like a Pirate! Argh!

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