Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Dear Fine Friends, feathered and otherwise,

Don't look now, but Raj Mahal, oh he of Royal Wild Demeanor, is starting to like mom!

Could it be the celery?

Could it be the carrots? The home-grown, organic wheatgrass perhaps?

Or mom just climbing into the Runabout and hanging out while Mahals tug at her
overalls or denim jumper because hidden in the crevices are slices of something
juicy-fruity and yummy?

All I know is this: once on her lap, they stay to be petted, even groomed, and when
mom stops petting them they look up at her until she says "Oh, you want more?"
and pets them more.

Don't know what them Mahals call it, but mom and me, we calls it "The Taming"
and figures what they don't know won't hurt them!

Big Shout Out to am and Oboe, who invited mom over today and made her happy!
Thanks, spiritual/art friends! We sure miss you. Loves, usn's
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TONIGHT since we both have insomnia, mom and I looked through old photographs and found this gem of me when I was still just a wee piglet, a runt, but loved by mom and PandaPig, who raised me. I miss PandaPig. He was the best part of my youth.
Now I am the alpha male of the Herd That Hears and although I remain nearly half the size of the rest of the herd, I learned
how to be a good Herd Patriarch and am guiding the Mahals as they slowly become tame. My name is YumYum and this is
the blog I inherited from PandaPig. We changed the format, and hope you like it! YumYum and mom had better go to bed now!
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Mom's friend Susan from Seattle is hoping to come up this week with daughter Shaina and new grandson, Seamus, who will not be sharing our lattes. Since mom has been acutely ill for quite some time, we can hardly wait because when Susan comes
and they all get caffeinated, it's like the circus has come to town! Cheers up mom, cheers up us, cheers up everyone!

We hope our veterinary visits do not interfere with the CaffeineConvergence...maybe they'll even make plans for a hike up
to Artist Point again this summer. This coffee shop is on the way to Mt. Baker, so if they don't make it all the way to the
mountain, who cares? Two bowls of caffeine, they'll be on Mars!
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THE generous landscape artists from MIchelle Chateau Creations practically gifted mom an indoor bonsai garden worth quite a lot.

She inhabited it with two tiger cubs and they enjoy exploring the different plantings, terrain, rocks, and magical touches

bestowed upon this celestial garden by its creators. You can find MIchelle Chateau Creations at the Public Market flea market

on weekends and a percentage of proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society. Thank you for blessing our home

with this beautiful garden. We are sure meeting some generous, kind souls since moving downtown, that's for sure!
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Dear Readers, it hath been decreed that the time has come for Raj and Taj Mahal to get neutered.

Ha, ha!

They have grown nearly to the size of rabbits and behave like hormonally deranged, humping maniacs!
Mom is concerned they are going to accidentally injure themselves or one another with their HumpJumping antics which include a complete disregard for which end is being assaulted. Eeeew! Nasty Mahals.

HumpJumping gonna get them
Mahals in trouble, I knew it would, and now it has! Ha-Ha on them Mahals!

Unfortunately, mom noticed some blood in my pee tonight, so we ALL have to go to the vet Monday, darn it!
Shucks, I looked forward to having mom all to myself.
Well, all you have a nice weekend and the entire herd and mom send a special "WE LOVE YOU
SHOUT OUT" to Sir Dom's mom, Ann, in Seattle, who is experiencing severe pain and discomfort all over the place.

So, Ann, get well or I'll send the HumpJumpers your way and Sir Dom will be one surprised Iggie!

We love you, blessings to the sick (and sick in the head!) amongst us. Be well, be safe, be peaceful.

love, YumYum, the sicko Mahals, and mom, too!
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