Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sami, Chai's Gal Pal Merely Observes Her Bengal's Dramatic Behavior...


Sami is no slouch, a mangled, filthy, knotted, wild thing
we adopted when Chai could not stop grieving (nor could we)
for our beloved Yin, a Siamese who lived until nearly 20
years of age.

Chai, Bengal that he is, could only be consoled by a beasty
girl up for some fiery romance...(i.e. hissing, scratching,
howling, warning, leaping, swatting, smacking, chasing, and
stealing Chai's blanket, bed, food, you get the picture:
A True Romance!) and yet Chai still wails in the night for
some far distant land from which his not-distant-enough
ancestors once roamed free. He is descended from the Asian
Leopard Cat, just not quite descended enough generations,
and as for Sami? Somebody just found her walking down a
two-land blacktop north of Lake Washington, picked her up,
nobody ever came to claim her, but she was so wild by then
she was stuck in a garage alone for a year.

The Wild Ones have tamed one another, but not too much...
It's just that sometimes kitty love can be sweet, and right
now we are still grieving, unable to clean out Erica's cage
and coming up with every wild excuse not to. Because we are
sad. And that makes us miss our cats, and even Edwin, too.
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Edwin reports that Chai once again
is struck by spring fever, waking
all in the household with his
plaintive wailing at 3am as if
ready to enter the jungle in search
of his soulmate.

Sami, his soulmate, merely sleeps
through the entire drama while Edwin
tries to calm him down to keep him
from waking the neighbors.

They live in Seattle but Chai lived
here until he realized he wasn't a
guinea pig and wanted his gal-pal.

Doesn't mean we don't miss them.
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Raj and Something on the Guinea Pig Blanket


"MMMmmmm....." Raj murmured, pulling his head out
from within a vegetable to take a deep breath
before going back in again.
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The Day The Sun Came Out To Play


{Honeyantdreaming draws Pictures}
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