Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

MMMMmmmm....Nap Time is Nigh

We may take a brief blog-break to do this: get "scrunchy-love" from mom. We're worth it!

Calvin, YumYum and the Herd
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Nap Time

Dear Friends,

Mom and I are taking a long nap for an indefinite period of time because I love naps and mom's art is actually starting to sell which means she is actually having to work (tsk, tsk, the tragic artist's life!) and figure out what "accounting" means.
And trust us, THAT ain't PRETTY, Uh-UH!

Art Friday went way Over-the-Top Awesome! but mom put in a 12 hour work day which has not been done in decades, DECADES!  So, today she bandying about with Blank-Expression-Face. Claims she seeking out her bed while askin' if I'll take a nap with her in my special bed with my colorful fuzzy-blanket, but I has
to ask: "Mom, doesn't you have an article to write about me for the Guinea Pig magazine first?" And, "Mom, doesn't you have to actually write an email before pressing SEND to the gallery and actually include the price of your painting
somebody askin' about? You just sent a blank email, mom!"
(Oh, PLEASE let it sell so we can get that cool new BIG, GIGANTIC, PLAY-CAGE we been wanting FOREVAH!) And "Mom, when are you going to deliver cards to the Organic Market that ordered them last week?" and "Mom, when are you going to pick the cards up from the printer that the Organic Market ordered last week?" and so it looks like she is really, really putting forth her best-ever effort to think...

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