Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Beginnings...

These photographs are from our old place on the wildlife sanctuary, but now that we are creating art again, we wanted to share them hoping to inspire you to share your art with us. 'Tis the season, it seems, for so many to begin spreading gossamer wings, coloring earth and sky with celestial hues through poems, photographs, drawings, musings, notes, and Songs Singing Themselves to Life before we even realize they are our very own! oh my...we are so beautiful...who knew?!

We are inspired by all of our friends who have caught a thermal to soar upon and are opening themselves - Ourselves! up to share hidden gems we once kept secret; not even knowing ourselves
what existed inside!

(just include Starbucks gift cards when you send it!)
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Guess What?

Mom has started an art and card business to support us because we eat so much and she is using pictures of ME in her new line of offerings! Who could resist this face, i ask ya? Hopefully, nobody! Plus she will be volunteering at the hippest new art gallery in town to help the owner and other artists, meet the public, and talk about...OH! I KNOW: GUINEA PIGZ!
(HEE-HEE, the owner think she gonna talk about art, and we are art, so she gonna talk about how beeUteeFUL we iZ!) Plus, this wedding pulling focus from me and YumYum and the bachelors,
so hurry up you two NutPies so we can talk more 'bout ourselves again. Mom got a headache.
May miss Molly Movie Night. I will have to snuggle her through another day...with TREATS!


Also dear loved one just passed so she in "quiet mode" for now...if you don't hear from us that why.
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We Were Loved Like Her Very Own

We will be spending time in meditation and Silence, to honor this saintly woman who loved us like we have never been loved. She remains eternal in our heart. Mata Ji, we will miss you...

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This Wedding Stuff Scaring Me!

Raj Mahal hiding in the softness of Calvin the small's special blanket, spooked by all this marriage stuff.
"I neither confirm nor deny the presence of carrot tops in my blanket with me," he says. Learned it from
what Edwin told him soldiers have to say if they get captured and asked if there are nuclear weapons
on board the ship. It is bedtime, for sure.
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Possible Wedding Reception on our Owlie Rug?

Plenty of room for guests at the buffet table...

Plenty of room for socializing, eating, pooping... Whaddya think, MariFUN? About our playpen for the reception?

Pre-nup still up for discussion. Do you know the Dalai Lama? Or Dolly Llama? She lives on a farm just a few miles north of town... either one of 'em could officiate legally...where Tibet anyway?
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Carrot Tops

Glad it isn't me, Taj Mahal, getting married, because i lurves me my carrot tops and would definitely need a pre-nup...
Just saying: there's love and there's carrot tops...y'know? and i lurves me my carrot tops, so not really sure where the bride fits in if we gotta share: guess that why i love living wid my bro and we is stayin' bachelors.
Peace Out,
Taj Mahal
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