Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


LAST NIGHT IT HAPPENED: I sit in my one stuffed, blue chair facing Pioneer Square and Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains...the moon has not come up and darkness falls over a city lit up brightly...when it happens! Smith Tower, circa 1914, historic lovely skyscraper - the only one between my window and Elliot Bay - is standing guard over downtown when Mystery flutters from it, something BIG, something with broad wings; wings dark except for the Celestial Glow cast upon them from City Lights, they GLOW, THEY GLOW, the bird is soon joined by another then another!
Peregrine falcons have been known to nest in Smith Tower but falcons these are not! Broad, glistening wings stretch into the night sky, short stumpy full-bodies between them, they are OWLS! How can this be?
More emerge, until five or so soar acrobatically between the tower, above lower buildings, and I am stunned: how can so many owls just appear like this? How can they get along, they are so territorial? Why aren't they engaged in aerial combat? No, they are playing! OWLS ARE PLAYING IN FRONT OF MY WINDOW OVER SEATTLE LIGHTING UP THE DARKNESS LIKE ANGELS! They fly hither and thither together and apart until the first, largest one signals the rest to fly North and he takes off over Elliot Bay, alone. Alone. I watch him soar over the Bay, stunned. STUNNED.

I look up Audubon Owls Downtown Seattle on GOOGLE: nothing!

In darkness I sit, staring at the now-empty sky where only moments earlier Angel-Owls took flight, wings glowing celestial/angelic, reflecting city lights below before departing Deep into Night's Solstice Sky...they had to be a clutch, fledglings "getting their Wings" under the wise, watchful eye of Mom and Dad. I figure Dad went off to hunt across the water leaving mom with the youngsters to explore downtown's abundant vermin population for dinner a la carte. But, who knows?

What kind of owls? Where was their nest? Pioneer Square is home to many trees yet these Pilots of the Sky flew right out of Smith Tower! So many questions, none of them important. Tonight I hope to have my binoculars ready. Although a wintry lightning & thunderous storm is passing, will I be able to see them?

Who cares? Our lonely nights here now have Meaning! Beauty. Mystery: WONDER!

Are we adjusting? It is taking a long time.
Why are there no photos? My computer caught a virus and DommyDom's mom has been kind enough to loan me hers until I get another. And I don't know how to cut and paste or would show you Smith Tower...Castle Residence of "Owls Over Seattle."

Are we adjusting? After last night, yes. Yes, we are.

Sentinels of the Night Sky, we await you now, you have turned lonely, dark nights of Homesickness into glimmering, shining Angels of Hope. Wild Hope.

Thank you, Owls: I wear my "Molly" hat every day. Now I shall wear it at night in the stuffed chair before a window where Miracles Brighten what had been nights filled with Darkness, no longer Lonely are we.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Are in Our New Home

Dear Friends, we moved. Yes, we did.
We would like to thank you for reading our blog
all these wonderful years.
Our computer is not working properly, so we
may not have the opportunity to share our lives
with you until it does. And until we adjust
to life in the Emerald City.
Everything has changed dramatically and
we know, ultimately, for the best.
We love our new place and we already
love the hospital down the hill!
We watch the ferries ply Puget Sound
and leave trails upon the water.
We watch - and hear! - the Medical Helicopter
buzz our roof as it prepares to
land at the hospital down the hill.
We hear cars, planes, trains, concerts
from Century Link Field where we will
also hear Seattle Seahawks games come
fall and winter. Paul McCartney will
be here soon at Safeco Field, within
walking distance...of a Beatle!!!

We watch Mt. Rainier turn pink in her
Alpenglow tunic while trying to remember
how it felt standing on Mt. Baker turning
pink with her...then we try not to remember.
We try to Be Here Now and appreciate
what is all around us.
We enjoy the exquisite diversity of Life in
the International District (formerly known
as Chinatown) where we are surrounded by
sumptuous food, sights, smells, art, music,
gardens, parks...we sit atop a steep hill,
perched quietly amidst the noisy hustle and
bustle of a major port city...we watch the
Costco cargo ship guided in by little tug-boats,
schooners sailing at dusk, and we hear
many sounds, nearly all man-made & Very Loud.

We observe sea, sky, islands, and mountains,
now from the heart of a big city, not the
Silence of the Wildlife Refuge where
PandaPig's Peace Sanctuary began...
We are still adjusting.
It will take time.
We were inspired to write originally
because living where we did in Bellingham
adjacent to Whatcom Falls Park, nestled
overlooking an Audubon Wildlife Refuge,
we were so effortlessly inspired:
communing with wildlife and nature in
a landscape everchanging throughout
turning seasons...we don't quite know
who we are here...without YumYum.
We are Four and Mom.
Life has changed irrevocably and
we may become quieter to compensate
due to so much unaccustomed noise surrounding us.
We may become Very Still.
We may "flow like water," as Bruce Lee
used to advise his students here, just
down the hill from us. We may run into his first
student, Jesse Glover, with whom mom
had the privilege to train in Bruce's Gung Fu
 many years ago back in Pioneer Square:
We miss birds.

We play together at night, let out of our cages
(yes, we have to live in cages here, large ones,
but we don't like it and are creating a LARGE
RUNABOUT SPACE through which to frolic all
at night while our cages are cleaned;
food and water replenished as we explore
our new digs, popcorn, chase one another,
get petted & loved...)
This, our Seattle Bedtime Ritual, Together.

We have moved.
Life is loud.
We may need to become Silent.
On the Inside.
We don't know yet.
Thank you for reading our blog.
We don't know yet whether or not
we will continue writing...we are struggling to
settle in, Life is not as simple as it was,
but It Is Good. We know it will become
We will keep in touch!
We love you all, dear Readers, dear Friends:
We so love you each and every one!
Yours Truly Forever,
& Mom ~

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