Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Taj Mahal, hey, save some parsley for the rest of us! We all need Vitamin C.
"But you don't see me. I am invisible: You can't find me!"
Whatever. Just save us some, got it?
"You're the boss, YumYum, you're the boss."
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Guinea Pig Miracles!

Yesterday, it looked like we were going to lose our precious, precocious YumYum...He had had a seizure or something, was stiff, then limp, and mom just...well, you know. She held him much of the day in my special blanket which I donated to keep him warm and close to her. She was so upset at the bleakness of it all and there was little we could do.

Friends, special friends, were sympathetic. So she didn't feel so alone. Special shout-out to ConniElfPie and MommyDearest for "being there." It helped.

Then, the oddest thing happened. She was scrubbing the kitchen floor last night in an attempt to liberate us from the tyranny of the flies which had taken over while she worked at the art gallery last week instead of cleaning the kitchen...or anything else, for that matter. And she had the computer on the floor in a desperate attempt to find anything funny or comedic to make her laugh.

Somehow, she came across a photograph of "Shorts" ConniElfPie's beloved boxer, wearing a green St. Patrick's Day derby! He passed one year ago next month. And she wanted to hug Shorts because he was so funny with those soulful eyes and derby, but she wanted to cry for Connie because of the impending First Year Anniversary of his passing.

When she went back into the bedroom, YumYum was scrambling all over his cage, demanding his Runabout! He popcorned and zoomed through the maize, stopping to stand on his hind legs and visit the Mahal brothers before actually slipping through the one hole in the fort that mom had neglected. It allowed him to hide, rest, pee, and poo beneath her nightstand...which is how she found him, as proud as can be!

IT WAS MIRACULOUS! The only "medicine" he was given was love. He was held, stroked gently, spoken to in whispers, and got lots of scrunchies not only on his chin but along his achy back, where his mohawk was straight up and personal!

This morning he seems back to his feisty, old self.

We've been experiencing these ups and downs with YumYum long enough now not to take anything for granted other than the deep inner knowing that every moment with him, with every single one of us, is a gift which will inevitably will Mom, for that matter. It helped her to think of that. "YumYum, you aren't the only one who is going to die, because one day I am going to die, too." Somehow, she found that liberating, and a great weight was lifted.

Thank you all for "being here" for us as you have been and we know you will continue to be. YumYum's a fighter and obviously not eager to relinquish his role as Chief of the Herd. We need your prayers and know we have them.

And are grateful for each and every one of our friends, and especially for Connie's beloved "Shorts" who seemed to have done something mystical to re-invigorate a dying guinea pig yesterday.

God giveth and God taketh away. Nonetheless, we remain grateful for every second of every day he allows our loved ones to remain with us. Provided they aren't suffering.

This was Calvin reporting. Did you know even guinea pigs can tear up when miracles happen? We all know that I am one, too...

God bless us, every one.
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