Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Up until her final days at the Thatched Cottage with Fairy, Mr. Bear, and her mice, Marigold was such a happy girl and we will remember her that way: Sneaking into Mr. Bear's "Holiday sherry" once he was too tipsy to notice her nose stuck in his glass!
A Very Merry Girl, Marigold was always up for
a Great Adventure, she was!

Sadly, she passed yesterday leaving Fairy, Anita, and Ian to celebrate a life well-lived, their Very Special Girl, bringing joy 

to all whom she met.

What's funny is how sad we felt yesterday, not knowing why.
Today we recognize that Marigold had come to say good-bye before we received the news: She'd been ill and 
now she is free.

Animals are like that & guinea pigs are especially sensitive:
I still smell PandaPig's sweet, musky scent years after his
work here was done, and it reminds me that as long as we
keep those we love in our hearts, no drop of love is ever lost,

no pig forgotten...for they have become part of who we are.

Marigold, we can't help missing you. 

We send all our love to your mischievous partner-in-crime,
 Mr. Bear...and most of all to Fairy and your mum
and Dad, Ian and Anita.

We've all become such dear, dear friends through our guinea pigs.
And Molly the Owl.
And all whom we have ever loved and been loved back in
return remain in our hearts, opening doors to subtler nuances
of the Secret Emotional World of our dear brothers and sisters,
large and small, who - in the end - turn out to be the ones who actually rescue us.

Marigold, you will be missed. And your joyful life celebrated:
We love you.

{Photo courteously swiped from Fairy's most recent
blog post which we encourage all to read and enjoy
in sweet remembrance of our special girl.}
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