Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mom Broke Blogger: Now She Gonna Set Up A Store At Cafe Press?!

This just gets better and better! First mom got really sick cuz she got so happy she went overboard. Does she know better? Of Course she knows better. Then she got stuck in bed and bored, so she decided to improve and tweak a few little things and broke Blogger. Does she know better? Of course she knows better. Then a light bulb went off in her (already dimly lit) head and she decided that one of the easiest ways to earn funds for our Guinea Pig Sanctuary would be if she didn't have to do ANYTHING at all! (She real good at that one. That we all gots plenty o'confidence in!)

Since we are selling so well in England and Europe raising funds for guinea pig sanctuaries there, mom thought (and here's the good part - "Huh? Why don't I do that, too? Here? For us?")

Wow, how could she not be a rocket scientist?

So, tonight she opened up an account as a vendor of her very own site/store at Cafe Press! Yup! She did it!

She was so happy we all clapped our tails together to cheer her on!

There does come a point, however, having crossed her T's and dotted her I's that you actually have to put PRODUCTS in your
store. They asked her how that was coming along, like, let's get
this party started!

She decided that it was time to DEFRAGGLE the computer and that is exactly what she is doing now.

What we mean to tell all of our faithful readers and hangers on is
that very soon, hopefully BEFORE CHRISTMAS, she will have designed us with funny sayings and even figured out how to download us onto OUR VERY OWN GUINEA PIG SANCTUARY STORE ON CAFE PRESS!

We'll let you know how it's going...
Seriously, because we want you to spend all your money on us
like they do in England, where cavies are treasured, adored, and
considered Royal.

We'll let you know how it's going...
Right now we have to get her back to bed so she has the strength
to go to the Farm Store for our monthly "Stock Up" on what were all our favorite things until new boxes arrived from England and Jen's little cozy cavy shop in the Midwest and now we have NEW
favorite things! Meanwhile, if they can do it at Guinea Pig Magazine and the place that put Coconut in a calendar, why can't mom just do it, too?

(That was a rhetorical question. But you already knew that, didn't you?)

Will Miracles Never Cease?

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Our first holiday gift from mom (and it's not
even Chanukkah or Christmas yet! OOhhh,
this is gonna be interesting!) would have to
be her timely breakage of Blogger! She added
something to her computer so she could chat
with friends in other countries who asked if she
could chat with them since they are in other countries and so, of course, she installed what they suggested
so we could spend our Holidays Around the World
and now we can't even spend them right here on
our own BLOG!
So, for now, please see the new blog post from
GuineaPigToday posted on top of "Blogs We Follow"
to the right there (next to our SQUEEE! Fairy!) to
learn how we will be spending Chanukkah with mom
even though:
1. She never knows what day or even day of the week it is because when so much of your life is lived
in bed it stops making a whole lot of difference after awhile so if Susan doesn't leave a voicemail TELLING her...we think Susan might get mom a special watch because even a calendar mom can't understand and 3. It was deemed by mom's friends that at no time ever is she allowed to own and operate matches or candles ever, ever, ever so we will pretend to light something each night if we can figure out what December 20 means in "mom's world" and for each night receive a special cuddle and different treat.
And until we fix whatever she has done to our Blog we apologize in advance for whatever we post because look like she done broke it, YUP, DONE
love you but we can only do so much given what we have to work with and know that if you know mom you know what we mean...
oy! pigs

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Happy Chanukkah

{Photograph from GuineaPigToday embellished by our own Chanukkah PhotoCavieShopNots}
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