Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

YouTube - Etta James - At Last

YouTube - Etta James - At Last

While mom at the art gallery sittin' in her little chair at her little table
this EPIC iconic jazz standard came on and mom just grooved on it
until the owner looked at the cards in astonishment, asking mom:
"Is that your signature?"
"Yes, is that Etta James?"
And it was Good.

Enjoy the incomparable Etta James.

Weddin Planner's Work to Go in Vain?

Dear ungrateful, Precious Little Darlings,

Our friend, MariFUN, has been working very, very hard on creating special carrot-top wedding items
exclusively for YOU, MacNutPie, and YOU, pretty little CocoNUT, and now you want to throw away
all decorum and stage a PirateKidnapping Wedding full of "Arrrgh's" and body odor, and parrots
screeching: "Grab Thy Wench, Matey, Grab Her and MARRY HER! SQUEEE!" and I just hope you will consider our Wedding Planner's feelings before you make her walk the gangplank if she catches the bouquet. If she not already thrown overboard wid the rest of us so you can hog the buffet
(no pig-hog puns intended.)

(not really)
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MARIFUN - We Have a Mutiny!

Thank you, Jerry, our bestest friend! Thank you for rendering asunder the best laid (no pun intended) wedding plans for our guinea pig nuptials...yes, best friend in Atlanta, now the guinea pigs (thanks to that picture you sent them yesterday!) have chosen "Pirates!" as their wedding theme after all the hard work our wedding planner, MariFUN, has already put into weaving carrot-top procrastinators for the bride and top hats for the groom...

And Thank You, Raj and Taj Mahal, for gettin' in the mix by complimenting beautiful, portly Coconut this morning by telling her that she more beautiful than Keira Knightley and once MariFun makes her some carrot-top pirate hair extensions, she'll be the talk o' the town in Bellingham, the City of Subdued Excitment, or not so subdued excitement.

And Thank You,  Calvin, for suggesting that they have a Pirate Kidnap theme whereupon MacNutPie growls: "Aaaargh, ya wench, you be MINE NOW!" before taking off her carrot top procrastinator, eating it, then taking her back to his "ship" (i.e. PIGLOO which will need a new pirate paint-job and some anchors and a treasure chest full of golden alfalfa hay pellets!)

Thank you ALL for making our wedding planners VOLUNTEER efforts that much easier...


P.S. and this time NOT MY FAULT! Just some o' it: mu-ah-Ha-HAAAAAAA!
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Wedding Planner, We Have a Problem!

Dear Wedding Planner, MariFUN,

It's not like I'm a snitch or anything - far from it, Aaarh! - but MacNutPie went behind your back for his wedding tuxedo! Now what Coco gonna wear? Chanel #5?

You didn't here it from me!

Sincerely Your,
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