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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hurricane Sandy from Space

Hurricane Sandy Before Landfall

Floodwaters fill Ground Zero
in Manhattan

Sandy rampages into Manhattan,
flooding roads, subways, and 
all major transportation

Cars flooding; blocking roads,
blocking emergency first responders
from reaching those in need.

Sandy blew the entire front off a
building as firefighters can only 
gaze, helpless to stop rampaging

A crane building a luxury high-rise
condo breaks, hanging...where will
the winds send it? Crowds look on
in astonishment.

A homeless man sits alone on a bench,
all of his possessions beside him;
nowhere to go.
Beside his cart a sign advertises:

Streets are transformed into Rivers
of Destruction before electrical
transformers begin exploding,
creating the hazard of innocent
people accidentally stepping on
live wires hidden beneath dark waters.

H.M.S. Bounty set to sea and a 
"MAYDAY" call went out as 
all aboard were ordered to 
"abandon ship" into two tiny life-rafts.
Only the video does justice to the
heroic efforts of Search & Rescue
Helicopter crew to save those aboard
yet not all survived, including the
captain. One passenger remains 
missing while another was
"unresponsive" upon rescue.
Ship sank. What in Heaven
was she doing out at sea?
Apparently, trying to outsail
the storm.

Exploding transformers
throughout the region that have
placed tens of millions in the dark
also set fire to at least 50 homes and
other buildings, perhaps more. 
We are not clear on details but while 
record-breaking wind, rain, and floods 
destroy everything in Sandy's path, she 
added explosive, fiery infernos to her
resume as a storm of Epic Proportion.

President Obama leaves campaigning
aside to focus solely on his role as 
conferring with FEMA and other
rescue organizations on strategies
to save American lives.

These are just a few random images
chosen to give our readers a glimpse
into Hurricane Sandy's unprecedented
impact on the United States' most
densely populated areas...not even
including those affected by the 
early Winter Blizzard 
coming off every single one of the Great Lakes 
(also unprecedented and historic) 
dumping record early snowfall to Appalachian Mountains, causing even more power outages and damage further inland. And she's not done yet.
We were texting our dear friend, Connie, who
at least lives far from the Jersey shore (which
is no more) when her power went down.
Our prayers go out to all.
The storm is not over, and only at daybreak
will Americans awake to survey a new
coastline, cities, fatalities (one hospital
generator failed in Manhattan) and despite
evacuation orders from New Jersey Governor
Chris Christie, residents of Atlantic City were
instead placed into a shelter...which flooded.
(we think it was Atlantic City but it's late
and we must get to bed.)
Some of our captions may not be accurate,
but are the best we can offer at this time.

Friends, please offer support however you
are able to those in dire need and First
Responders at this time.

We promised Connie in New Jersey we
would not worry.
We lied.

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