Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tale of Broken Hearts

It was the best of days...(no, scratch that.)

It was the worst of was...a Windstorm Unexpected that broke too many hearts.

Calvin's bones have decalcified to the point he actually has no jaw bone whatsoever, the long bones are barely existent...and - as extremely rare as this is in guinea pigs, and extremely rare it is indeed, he has been given enough pain medication to last for three days...apparently the condition is excruciatingly painful but we never knew for he never once wasn't until he stopped eating...even then, he never complained. He is home to say good bye until mom's friend comes up to be with them.

Her cardiologist is still celebrating New Year so she'll be packing nitro and aspirin and hopefully get worked up tomorrow, but it's all a blur now, the 80 mph wind gusts are blowing bits and pieces of all our hearts, sweeping them into nooks and crannies of stars and the Rainbow Bridge below them for the only difference between night and day now is that there has ceased to be a difference, only
heartache no nitro can cure.
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Hey Everybody, it's me, Calvin the small...and tomorrow mom wants to start off our New Year by taking me to the vet because the past few days I seem to have trouble chewing...they might take a Dremel and trim my teeth or something
and I got scared and hid in the back of my cage because I really, really don't want to go. And now I may not have to! Mom had what we are supposed to call a "minor cardiac event" but what really happened is -

"Calvin dear, you wouldn't happen to be on the laptop would you, Sweetheart? I need me some snuggles..."


Well, after the ambulance and the hospital and she didn't want to spend the night cuz she wanted to come home and feed us and be with us so now SHE HAS to go to the cardiologist first thing and can't even have COFFEE first, so I think I got saved from the Dremel tool by mom's swell heart. Thanks, mom's heart, cuz I was really scared. Although it really is hard to eat so I know I gonna end up there soon...real soon probably...what mom thinks she got is just she got something
called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and if that all it is then the surgery is quick and easy they just shove a laser up in there and electrocute a fifth electrical pathway, see, that's it, right, that's that's probably what they gonna do
but maybe I gotta go to the vet first but anyway, we'll see.

We aren't certain, but feel that it is definitely POSSIBLE that the sun came out today. We will know more tomorrow.

Love you all and keep rooting for my teeth, please, because I get squirmy around Dremels and I don't have real bones so I really am scared. Mom will be fine, it was just her way of Drama, Drama, Drama...but really funny cuz her friend
Connie sent her a knit owlie pullover hat with owlie ears and she wore it in the ambulance cuz the nitroglycerin didn't blow anything up BUT it did give her a headache after she just got over having one for a WEEK so she pulled her owlie hat down over her face and everybody thought she was funny but she didn't care...she loves her owlie hat! Thank you, Aunt Connie!

And to all our precious friends who have sent us so many love-filled emails for a Happy New Year because of The Headache we haven't opened them yet but mom was SOOOOOooooo happy to see all your names in her INbox cuz we has a real
big feeling she ain't going OUT anytime soon!

Love you all...please Have a Wonderful New Year because you mean the
world to every one of us, especially me,
Calvin the getting smaller, cuz i can't chew...why? seriously...why?
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