Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Secret Glimpse Inside GuineaElfVillage!

Last night, MacNut and CocoNutPies enjoyed their first romp in GuineaElfVillage exploring their new huts and tunnels outside the confines of their cages...It was a dark and stormy night, yet the comfort Coco and MacNutPies enjoyed in their soft, snowman Hut calmed us all down...the only thing missing was a warm mug of SoyNog with nutmeg sprinkles on top for mom!
It's really better than it sounds...
THANK YOU,  Benevolent Donor and Jen of Jens Custom Crafts for gifting us enough Cozy Huts, Tunnels, and Cuddle-Cups
to go all soft-focus and quiet-as-snow inside our new Winter Runabout dubbed: GuineaElfVillage!
We loves it sooo much that
Now mom wants one, too...
We will see that she gets her SoyNog and Tofurkey for Thanksgiving with cranberries, vegan pumpkin pie
and a big, yummy salad for us!

Anyone wishing to join us is encouraged to bring
their own tofurkey...they can be found roaming
about the same secret, hidden places in the 
Pacific Northwest
that Sasquatch calls home.

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When you visit Fairy's Blog, you will receive
a glimpse of my WORLD TO COME!

Just, please, don't tell her dad!
My infamous reputation precedes me...
even Across the Pond,
where they are not quite so accustomed
to Pirates as Robin Hood.

Would someone please construct a Robin Hood
costume for me before Thanksgiving?

Or an elf suit?

Or just a run o'the mill disguise of any kind?

Many gracious thanks!
(an elf hat would be jaunty, if it included a Zorro mask!)

Please do not mistake my ruminations for desperation.
The heart wants what the heart wants...
And check out her...uh, place she sleeps in: roomy, eh?

{This beautiful photograph was taken by Fairy's mum or dad. All credit to them! And now to ask permission to use it!}
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Search for "fairy asks all the right questions" - Guinea Pig Today

Search for "fairy asks all the right questions" - Guinea Pig Today

How I found my soul-mate...through the online Guinea PigZ-N-Love
Dating Service...they go under a different name so our moms and dads think
we are educating ourselves to educate them, what a TOTALLY FAB


Dear Readers,
As you know, I have been unsuccessfully wooing Millie Bea for quite some time now even as Coconut warned me "She's in it for your new, fleecy tunnel, YumYum, not you!"


Yet, a resiliant pig am I, and grateful because we have found
The One,
our Fairy, precious Fairy! Though born deaf and blind to the world,
she brightens all with Fairy Dust, such a magical lass is she!

When mom is less befuddled, we shall post more about our new friend, but until then, please take a glimpse into the world of an extraordinary little girl at her own blog!
(also listed at right on "Blogs We Follow")

We promise to share more about precious Fairy
for she has stolen all our hearts...but mine especially!
Meanwhile, Fairy, please enjoy the next post as it
was created for you by somebody we never met.

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Buttercup The Guinea Pig - A Video Portrait - YouTube

Buttercup The Guinea Pig - A Video Portrait - YouTube
^^^Listen to this, because although I am heartbroken
over Millie Bea's indifference, I have now found a new
love, Fairy, who lives Across the Pond but does not wear
Fascinators to Royal Weddings, she just showers the
Royals with her own, special FairyDust...

Won't you love me, Fairy?

YumYum awaits your endearing reply...until then,
I suffer from unrequited love.