Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calvin's Exciting News Put On HOLD!

Oh, do we have a great show for you today! But, unfortunately, mom back in the wily clutches of her first severe migraine cycle of the month - and it not about to lose it's claim on her head.
So, we gotta limit 'puter to 5 minutes or no minutes...WAH! Mebbe that what "cliffhanger" means?
So, stay tuned, cuz we really gotta really great show for you; just not today...

"Oopsie-Doodle-Big-Fat-DRAT!" whined Calvin.
"Calvin, what was that?!"
"oh, nothing, mom, just a little disappointed fussing."
"Well, look here, you'll be in the very next post, dear."
"Of course you can, of course!"

So, while the rest of us look on, lil'Calvin works mom like a door-handle.
I taught him how to do it, and now the apprentice has become the master.
But I never! taught him that "Oopsie-Doodle" thing, that is just plain embarrassing.

"Oh, Yum-Yum?"
"Who got the treat?"
"Heh-hey, Oopsie-Doodle-Big-Fat-DRAT! Try it sometime. Hey-hey, munch-munch."
I is YumYum and I haz left da building for a pretzel!
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