Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taj Mahal Here: WheekGrass Fest is ON!

Bet you thought I had a widdle tongue, didn't ya? Well, it is as pretty as my
bi-colored lower lip!
(Raj so proud of his bi-colored lower lip and foot, but we bro's and I got my own and is handsomer: whenever we go to the vet, the techs just croon over my chocolate-colored whorls!) but I digress...Am preparing my tongue for our annual fall WheeKgrass Festival, about to begin RIGHT NOW!

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The Great WheeKgrass Fest of 2011

Hey, what YOU  DOIN' HERE?!

Looks like enough for every-pig to share nicely...but looks can be deceiving!

                                      YumYum, come out and play with us! 

My soft-house is pink because I the girl! I love it and drag all my food in it
so I don't have to share. Nobody said I was a GOOD GIRL! 

Now that we are all sharing mom's bedroom so the living room can be an art studio, mom has set up a new Runabout for us that we love! You may think we like wide, open prairies to roam: WRONG! We have no natural defenses to prevent
us from becoming some predator's Happy Meal, so we much prefer our cages spaced "just so" and we can chase each other through the maze, in and out of soft-houses, like the pink one here you see with Coconut...they have openings on two sides so we run through them, hoard our food there so nobody else can have it, do our bizness, and then nap once we tuckered ourselves out! Yeah, this gonna work real good. Calvin can't play with us because he not neutered and our Coconut, well, we gotta protect her. Female piggies' hips fuse if they haven't had a litter by the time they are nine months old or something, and then they'd need a C-Section or they would die in childbirth. So, Calvin not invited to hump our girl!

And me, why am I not there? Because I never got over losing my PandaPig and I will chase, charge, chatter my teeth, and do everything I can to intimidate them boys before lunging at them with gnashing teeth in a wide-open MOUTH! If you ain't PandaPig, I gonna BITE YA! (Or whoever sticks her hand in to protect anybody...) So, me and Calvin gotta Runabout Solo, if you please and me and Calvin gotta runabout solo if ya don't please. But now that we got our bedroom PlayGround and the wheatgrass ready to "harvest" (giggling!) we's some happy piggies! Even if Raj Mahal does keep standing on his hind legs asking me to come out...
and mebbe I wanna, but mom said not if I gonna try to eat the others...but gettin' the whole place to m'self NO PROBLEM!
I remember how me and PandaPig used to play chase and tag and pretend he with me when I play...and Calvin ain't never had guinea pig friends no ways so he don't even know he IS A PIG, thinks he's a person! So mom plays with him.

And that's the way we do it!

Millie Bea, doesn't this look fun? You can come and play with us...if ya didn't live in Wisconsin!

Who loves ya, baby?

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WHAT Mess?

Back when we still had Bear the Beaver Pig, he chewed EVERYTHING!
Turned stuff upside down, inside out, moved everything into his box-house, then chewed up his box-house once all his favorite things were inside it!

When asked about his housekeeping, Bear could assume such a "Who, ME?" expression that mom just went: "Awww, Bear! You are so funny!"

We adopted him one Christmas Eve, after he smiled at mom from inside his lonely cage at the Farm store where he had been dumped with two bulging tumors sticking out of each side of his belly. The Farm Store people were dumbfounded because he looked preggers but he was a boy, and they knew nobody would want him so he was separated from all the other Christmas pigs...where nobody would really see him. But he called mom...with his heart he called her.

Then, he smiled from behind the bars of his lonely prison-cage, beckoning her to please take him home and love him, as if he knew he hadn't long to live but wanted to experience love before dying...

She took one look at Bear and knew he was very, very ill. Then reluctantly drove home, back when we still lived at the wildlife refuge. She didn't want Heartbreak Home For The Holidays...although she did call a friend to say "He smiled at me." Friend ordered mom to go back and get him! Next day, Christmas Eve day, mom did, unsure if he would even live through the New Year.

This lonely, dying guinea pig went into spontaneous remission and became the favorite of everyone who came to visit, pet, admire, and love us. He lived a happy, fun-filled life until just days after PandaPig died, also of cancer. Bear waited to keep Panda company, then died along with him. The vet had never seen anything like it. How those giant tumors completely disappeared since the only "medicine" Bear received was love, companionship, sweet affectionate laptime, RunAbouts
with us, fresh, nutritious food, and his first chance to love and be loved in return.

Why does the healing power of Love still mystify vets and doctors when it works when nothing else will?

We miss Bear. He kept such a tidy place.
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