Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Yum-Yum and Squirrel: A Miracle!

We don't know how much longer Yum-Yum will be with us.
But, we do know one thing: This morning he did NOT
have a seizure! We celebrate the moment and
are grateful to Squirrel for livening up our Pirate by
 popcorning, scooting, curiosity, adorableness,
and giving all of us, the entire herd, so much HAPPINESS!

Whatever happens will happen. But our feisty, playful, precocious squirrel making us 
all giggly: SQUEEE!
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Please enjoy our next post!
The official sweatshirt worn by
my new friend says it ALL:
It really Does Take A Village.
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STOMP Opens Closing Ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics.
They get paid.

But I believe EveryWoman deserves a drum,
even if it's just the lid of a tin bucket.
My New Friend sure likes it!
I carry my drumsticks and bucket lid EVERYWHERE
because here in quirky Bellingham you never know when
you might come across a Drum Circle for a Charitable Cause!
It's a good policy for every Bellinghamster, as you can see.
Some Bellinghamsters prefer "real drums" but decorated nicely!
(And Adobo is a Philipino food yummy once you replace the
chicken for TOFURKEY.)
Ya, real good, adobo.
Many Bellinghamsters simply dress this way because, well,
that's how we roll here in our defiant, little artsy-outdoor Paradise!
Meet Olivia. She needed a kidney transplant or she would die. A little girl donated a kidney.
Both children were playing and doing cartwheels on the grass. But she and others like her
will need anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives. To help pay for these costs,
and to help other children do cartwheels on the grass, she established her own foundation:
The event, one I had no idea was taking place (just happened to show up
at the right place at the right time) was LIV FEST 2012! WAY COOL.

So, get y'self a bucket and a sturdy pair of drumsticks, cuz ya just never know
when they're going to come in handy helping your community saving a life!
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