Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our newest crop of wheatgrass will be ready to start chowing down tomorrow!
We can't wait...this pic from when Erica was still with us, and we miss her...but now we
have Calvin, who squees, jumps, squeals, and popcorns his little tail off when he gets
his grass on! Mom worries about him breaking his boneless spine sometimes when
he gets that happy so she may just "mow" some off and hand feed him in his cage...

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Raj Napping With Open Eyes

Yesterday we saw the funniest thing EVAH! Can't remember who it was - OH! - had to be Calvin, that's right. Not only was he sleeping with his eyes open, he must have been dreaming about eating, because mom and me watched him chewing and chewing his little mouth just going like a mile a minute. It was hilarious! Mom asked, "YumYum, what do you suppose he is eating in his dreams?"

"With Calvin, who knows?" I told her, but we had to stifle the giggles to avoid waking him up from his Dream Picnic! Raj just likes to show off his foot, and how it's bi-colored like his lower lip. We have posted lots of pics of his famous lip and foot before, but Calvin's Picnic reminded us how much fun we can have watching piggies...even when we sleep we is SO COOL!

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Whatcom Falls Bridge

We have learned to live downtown pretty well, even though it's a highly different lifestyle from when we lived a walk down forest paths to Whatcom Creek, waterfalls, and our barred owls, perched invisibly upon branches overhanging the water.

There are still times when we yearn for the sound of crashing, glacier-fed waterfalls...
no other sound interrupting prayer and meditation. This is one of those times.

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Raj, Don't Tell Anybody What We Say Behind Her Back!

Raj: "Gimme, Gimme, share, or just GIMME!"
Taj: "Raj, you pretty fo'sho, but a whole lotta crazy INSIDE IT! You can't blog about
the things we call mom behind her back, especially the Abby-thingy! Then she'll KNOW!
Raj: "True dat, 'bout the pretty! The guinea pig magazine from England featured
Coronets like me this  month, with just a perfect whorl atop  my head and long, feathery
fur-feathers draping in perfect coloration. They also described our humility about
our beauty as one of our more desirable characteristics, Raj. Now, GIMME!"
Taj: "My top notch is notorious at the vet and they love my chocolate brown
color! You got NUTTIN' ON ME, MY BRO!"
Raj: "I doesn't get how we can be real brothers yet two completely different breeds.
Like, HUH?"
Taj: "Yeah, sometimes I look at you and - HEY, GIMME BACK THAT LETTUCE!"

And so, as siblings bicker, I take the opportunity to post this scene from
"Young Frankenstein" sent by our very own ConniElfPie describing the
Who-What-When-Where-Why & HOW of mom.

Put your giggle hat on.

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum loves ya!
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Why We Call Mom "Abby Normal" When She Ain't Listening!

Young Frankenstein : Whos brain was it ??? - YouTube
^^^ ConniW/ EEEEEEEEEEEE got our number!!!!