Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Note from Richard: "RETHINK POSSIBLE"

Notice Richard's new "do" from Kabul? Yeah, we have, too. Mom called him on it and said "What up with all that product in your hair, dear?" and he just shouted into his SmartyPants Phone: "RETHINK POSSIBLE!" so mom put product on our hair and we put product on her hair so now all we need is to find someMODy SMART wid a PHONE to send him our pictures!
(oh, and they is NOT PRETTY, make no mistake, NOT!)

~ YumYum Out!
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Calvin Gets His LURVE On!

Although Calvin is older than all us he is littler, too, mom and the vet think he might have been starved some, but it not fair he gets special treatment sometimes!

Who got a special soft kitten bed? Calvin the small.

Who got a special soft blanket in his special soft kitten bed? Calvin the small.

Who cuddles in his special soft blanket in his special soft kitten bed next to mom at night when she goes to bed? Calvin the small.

Who can bend hisself IN HALF like a forward bend in yoga? Calvin the small! Ain't nobody ever seen nothin' like it, maybe his glass bones is more like Gumby bones cuz he just folds hisself in HALF now when he has his special bedtime cuddle and it kinda freaks our freak, even mom, who asked if he'd been using her yoga mat when she not home...

Well, no matter. He gets special treatment. We all do, each in our own ways. True. Each one of us tells mom how we wants to be loved and what we likes best, and we's all different, mainly we likes to wiggle around too much to settle into the bedtime thing they do.

But, for little pink-faced Calvin, life is good.

And today my own health took a turn for the better, too, we thinks the prednisone finally kicking in and my back don't hurt so bad: I started eating my hay again, jumped up on my box house, and mom called the vet to tell her. But I likes to hide a lot more now and mom lettin' me...Still, i's the only one who getZ her Special Scrunchy Scratches! My cage (and Calvin's, of COURSE!) RIGHT NEXT TO HER BED so she just leans over, opens the front door, and I get my Special Scrunchy Scratches and act like I don't know she also rubbin' prednisone cream into
my ear...she thinks she outsmartin' me cuz I won't take oral medicine, but it O.K. if she think that.
Cuz she don't do much thinkin' otherwise! In fact, she just remembered being diagnosed with a rare disease that would explain a lot of her symptoms (diagnosed back in Seattle) and all these YEARS she forgot to follow up on it here in B'Ham! GEEZ-A-LOO, mom, GET A CLUE!
We takes the best care of her we can, but y'can only do so much...

And nobody knows better than you, dear reader, NO-BUDDY!
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