Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear Readers,

Mom just received a photograph from our favorite Cavy/Chinchilla MOD, code name "STupidA" of owlet wearing hat.
We have hats too, MODS, and wear them with pride! This is an authentic Peruvian alpaca hat (as we are all originally from the Andes) given to mom by a customer shopping at the alpaca store on a dare that mom would put them on us then email pics to the store owner who, soon after went out of business. (oopsie!)
But, HEY, don't blame us: am I dapper, or just too precious for words? Methinks BOTH!

When Eric Blehm's new company starts marketing MOLLY gag-shag hats we know mom will be the first to buy three, one for each of us to sport that MOD Owlet Owlbox look!


P.S. Did we mention that mom has been invited to the Amazon to participate in a documentary film on the
healing effect of indigenous herbs on those enjoying incurable diseases? Yup! An entire month in October
and her chance at stardom at every major independent film festival in the world. She turned it down, telling
her inviter "I could never leave my guinea pigs" and the inviter implied that mom loved us more than getting
well! OF COURSE SHE DOES. And we love her right back! Sheesh, have you not learned that guinea
pig love is the best love? READ THE BLOG, PEEPS!

His Sweetness with a honeyed tongue

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Dear Readers,

Mom has actually got the Mahals tame enough to dine on her lap above a pillow covered with a towel, to avoid this kind of bad behavior and groom their fur as they devour breakfast. They make me look like an angel, though, so no complaints from me!
I used to be the "outlaw" and still is, but they's worse! Hee-Hee, love them bad Mahals, although for the first time yesterday
mom and I saw them sleeping against one another inside their pigloo like the true brothers they are. It was funny but made
me miss Panda. And even Bear the Beaver Pig; we miss both of them every day.

And those owlets are growing in quantum leaps which is how Molly snached that mouse out of McGee's talons last night: with
ONE giant, terrifying (to us) quantum LEAPING CHARGE AT HIM, before throwing McGee back OUT! We watched her feed those little bobbleheads until we
felt too sad for the mouse because we, too, are small rodents and feel for the prey and if anyone lectures me on how necessary small rodents are
to keep predators alive, I will demonstrate ONE DEFIANT PIG LEAPING WITH TEETH READY TO CHOMP! the "Circle of Life" is Communist Propaganda and if you believe in it, you more stupis than mom!

Would I lunge at a believer of "The Circle of LIFE?" Just ask mom's hand! We will not the movie "The Lion King" and believe the only good circle is one full of freshly harvested, organic produce: for US!

Peaceful, gentle, YumYum
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