Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taj Mahal's WINNING Smile! Ya!

Dear Friends,

Tonight I get to be a "guest BloggerPig" and was asked to write a feature for our "beauty column" about how Kate's
smile will affect worldwide coverage of the impending Royal Wedding. Here, to demonstrate how to bedazzle with
a winning smile!

1. Check out the perfectly divided bi-colored lower lip...the line is exactly in the middle! Does Kate have that?
Methinks NOT!

2. My tongue is in a relaxed, "just chillin' out" position which irresistably invites viewers to want to pet me, knowing
that my laid-back 'tude has magical powers to calm them, too. With that veil and stuff she gonna be wearing,
who gonna see her tongue? (Send replies to us secretly!)

3. My fur is a rich, deep brown, soft and swirly, exhibiting perfect Abyssinian characteristics of a Blue-Ribbon
Award winning showPig. Has Kate ever been shown quite this way? Me hopes not!

We are exuberant here about the Royal Wedding and know each and every one of our readers is, too, and will want
to be a beautiful as the blushing bride! I personally hope you will take my beauty tips and fix y'self up, it's the least
you can do for those of us who have to look at'cha, wedding or no wedding.

Thank you very much.

Taj Mahal, brother of Raj Mahal, lover of Life, especially sweet organic carrot-tops.
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A Furry Adventure, yay!: The Guinea Pig Way Song's original guinea pig!

A Furry Adventure, yay!: The Guinea Pig Way Song's original guinea pig!
^ ^ ^ ^See the Original "Bing"!

Dear Friends, we're MELLOW TOO, WE ARE SO! ARE SO! ARE SO!
Raj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Calvin, the small
YumYum, Chief, Ceo, Tribal Elder, Best Dressed in the Whole NorthWest!

Midnight at the Oasis...

Dear Friends,

While I am receiving my physical therapy with Apolo Oh-Yes! Richard took mom on a little ride through the
desert and a picnic. She loves her bridal veil...and the sunshine. And Richard is so supportive of my physical
therapy, helping me stay focused by taking mom "away from the therapist for the day and into the desert far, far away!"

We love Richard. And Apolo says I'm making awesome progress, even showing me in his book what it was like when he faced adversity and how he overcame it. Such an inspiration! He's really a terrific guy - off the ice as well as on. Speaking of which...

ApolOH-YES! is custom-designing teensy-weensy little speedskates that fit on my feet so I can skate, too.  Ap-lo learned in his anatomy class about us having four toes on our front feet and only three on our back feet so is working on a way-cool PigOlympics design! CHECK IT:  Pigs on Ice! Pigs on Ice!

...Pigs speedSKATING on Ice! Yeah, that betta.

Thanks for all your well-wishes and we'll catch ya on the flip side of The Oasis...

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum loves ya!

{Way-Cool AWESOME Wedding Pic by Lor-I-Kink, thanks! p.s. mom LOVES the boots!
Click-It to see what the artist created for mom and Richard's wedding album, L-Kink ROCKS!}

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Mac the NutPie Seeks Treasure in a Most Unlikely Place...

"Yo, Raj Mahal, with those long tresses covering your behind, I can't help wondering what you are hiding..."

"So, I know you don't mind me taking a little sniff, a little look & lurk-see, right? Of course you don't mind!"

"Crafty little cavy he is, that Raj Mahal, because I sniff the fragrance of something utterly wonderful, yet know not what!"

"PssssT! Hey, Mac, you really ARE a NutPie, that was NASTY! As his brother and Pigloo-mate,
there ain't nuttin' back there but back-hair."
"OH! mom talks about that:  says men with furry back hair is also kinda nasty, like dating a
Sasquatch or somethin'!"
BIG GROUP: "EWWWWWwwwwwwwww....................!"
AND all the little piggies crawled sleepily into their pigloos and cuddle cups to dream cozily
of Sasquatch men with furry backs...and it was GOOD.

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