Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Even THINK About IT!

Hi Everybody,

I don't think it's fair that every time I get a treat, Raj nudges his pointy, royal snout into MySpace and steals it. That said, we don't know why no one is able to leave us comments. Unless Raj has chewed the Permission thingy, EVERYMODY should be able to. Yet, no one can. We don't know why? We are desperately perplexed! Mom sent us to Pigs of the Perpetually Perplexed Monastery to meditate on it. Or was we to medicate on it? They rejected us. Said we were only partially perplexed. What do they know?!

The good news is that the Guinea Pig Magazine in England has begun making magnets out of us so we teasing mom she gonna be "The Carlos of Guinea Pigs" if they set up on Cafe Press or the Brit equivalent. We hope it's the Brit site cuz we wanna decorate those exterminator hats next time there's a Royal Wedding...yeah, we likes the sound of THAT! Especially cuz Millie Bea would wear one!

Then there was the art. Well, two paintings got to the gallery on time. And mom actually finished the cards. Had a mild seizure. Couldn't stand up. So she and the cards are still on the floor. They watched "The Daily Show" together on the computer and fed us apples. Mom had mac and cheese and going to bed. Oh well. At least next time Millie Beatrice gets fashionable for a Royal Hoo-Ha, we know she'll be sporting images of us on her exterminator and we feel quite honored!

CD3, you listening?

Why you can't leave comments? Ms. A, you always have the answer. Was it too many shots in our espresso? Was it?
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