Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


So yeah tonight mom's switching us all up so I can get
in and out of my cage on Runabouts since I runabout so
hard and so fast this way i can go in and out on my runabout 
and get drinks and food at my place then run out again and make more mayhem because Peter Peanut gets to run with me and I chase him but the little runt is still too fast and those funny ears 
o'his just bounce up & down and makes me and everybody laugh is what really slows me down so mom's cleaning and moving and not really she does a little then eats then does something else, oh yeah, she took another walk today! second one this week by the water with her hiking poles and it's so cold we's wearing our fur long no shedding yet no summer yet just that Peter Peanut popping like,
well, like nobody's business, and mom trimmed my nails and YumYum's nails but BHINDI?! WAAAAAAH, how much ya bet that boy gonna earn hisself a trip to the vet after tearing mom apart even with lettuce and a towel and Peter's are still pretty short they're just real SHARP and that boy startin' to think he really somthing special, did i tell  ya that yet? well, he jumps over everything and he sleeps in his upside-down cuddle-cup and does things different-like, just to be PeterPeanut but mainly still loves mom and needs to eat his breakfast on her lap outta her hand but the pig can't tell the difference 'tween her finger and the blueberry and ya hear her howl
"PEEEEE-TEEEEEER! That was ME!" and we just roll over laughing cuz she feels so special getting all his love like that but now he don't let her catch him! Uh-Uh! he goes all Pirate and he'll go in and out his door with Bhindi for their runabouts but Bhindi and YumYum, well, they do it separate, don'tcha know but they both get tired so fast he rather Run About with me which is why mom had to switch up our pens cuz my old one had a side door that was blocked but YumYum's had a back door - perfect, ya know - so she just
put me in his and his in mine and shuffled things about so it would look like she accomplished Important things but she didn't except for 
cutting our blueberries in half which was better than our toenails.
good night.
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Our Friend Jerry in Concert

Our good ole pal Jerry playing and singin'...sure miss him.
He'll be performing in a "Summer of Love" Concert this
summer and good thing he's in Atlanta cuz ain't no summer
up here, we all in jackets still runnin' the heat at night. We
 gonna help him pick out the best songs to sing. 
Sure miss ole pals who live so far away...

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