Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Chai and Panda Started the Sanctuary

Chai loved grooming PandaPig because he was a Peruvian long-haired piggie and Chai treated him like his very own kitten. And PandaPig loved him, too. They were best pals till I came along and
then PandaPig took care of ME! But Chai didn't mind. He watched us run and chase each other and popcorn all over the floor and just laughed at the silly piggies, he called us: the silly piggies~

PandaPig was a guinea pig of unusual size and he and Chai were best friends back at the Wildlife Sanctuary. Now that PandaPig has passed and Chai is living in Seattle, he has become more mischievous than ever! Will he come back to us? Can you imagine him and all six of us hanging out on mom's bed together? Wouldn't be room for her! But Chai lurves him his guinea pigs: he nursed a dying one we adopted many years ago and loved her so much we had to put a carpet remnant atop her cage for him to sleep on and guard her. He sensed she was dying and loved her very, very much.
We named her "Little Pig" cuz she was little, like Calvin. We know Chai would love us all and that Edwin would like to sleep at night. What will happen now that Chai is driving Edwin crazy?
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Is Chai Coming Home?

Edwin been calling mom a lot lately about Chai. Seems like he's been getting into more and more trouble and keeping Edwin awake and then it hard for Edwin to go to work. Been like that always, except Chai lived with us nearly ten years out at the Wildlife Refuge. When we moved here the place too small and Chai gotta go walk like a dog and run like a cheetah so he went to live with Edwin and Sami in Seattle. Now, Chai is way too much Bengal cat, bred too close to that wild animal, we is sure! He makes the weirdest, loudest, scariest noises about 3 a.m. just to wake everybody up!
No other reason. Once everybody up and can't go back to sleep, he is satisfied and HE goes back
to sleep. It drivin' Edwin crazy. And mom always misses Chai but we says the only ones waking her up in the middle of the night is US so she told Edwin and now he stuck with waking up because Chai likes it.

Chai our SuperHero!
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