Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hey, it's me, YumYum, and this is the giraffe mom loved to feed in Seattle when she worked at the zoo, not me, OK?

The city hasn't changed me THAT MUCH  (yet.) We are moved.

OK, only sort of moved:  lots of mom's stuff not here, but who cares? WE ARE MOVED. US PIGGIES

Now that we cannot hear, feel, smell, see, touch, and be touched by the marsh, mom has become so disoriented she did a dreadful thing to us.

By accident, of course, but we must, in the interest of full journalistic disclosure, expose her wrong-doing:

It was our first night here without Edwin, maybe that was Sunday night. All the energy efficient windows were closed.

Shut. The condo was not energy efficient, and if you don't believe me take a look at our winter heating bill. But mom at
least knew when it was cold because the wind blew in, she could smell the fragrance of each storm, listen to the melody
of rain or ice pellets dancing off our windows, and we got COLD!

Not anymore...

She was so exhausted and under a warm blanket when the storm came, but we are now removed from the Song of Scudder Pond which Sang to us and Shared her moods, colors, fragrances, and sounds.

What I'm waxing poetically about is that mom slept through a sudden, unpredicted winter storm in May and. She:

Seriously. When she woke up and came out, did we wheek for breakfast? I DON'T THINK SO! WE WERE CRYOGENICALLY
CONGEALED INTO 3 COLD FURBALLS. It was the worst thing ever, took us hours to defrost, and finally move about, and now my fur is falling out!  Mom thinks I'm shedding but it's the pretty, pretty, swirly fur what froze that falling out now, because it's roots got blocked, I know it.

And now you do, too.

Bad mom: No nature?!  Now she don'know what she doin' and we suffering the consequences. Now she leaves the heat on in our energy-sealed new home and we are, I have to admit, enjoying all the sunlight that came in today, but mom turned into a giraffe instead of a Hip, Urban, Bohemian Artist.  Like a giraffe lost in a zoo instead of wandering at home across the wide, open, grassy African savanna it born on.  Mom and giraffe alike: both of them Confused: Where Home Go?

Except for being near coffee shops, mom lost! We knew she not hip. Now all you know, too.

NOT hip: lost, didn't wake up, froze us in May, now pretty fur falling out!

Giraffe In The City! No eagle, no beaver, no storm smell come over the mountains on us...

One good thing: she plays with me a lot because she so lonely for Beaver and Eagle and swallows and wood ducks and ruddy ducks, and Owl, and Raccon, and Deer, and all our friends and neighbors, especially am and Oboe-san. She really miss am and Oboe-san a lot!

Dark now, sleep, you dear creatures, and we will get to know you who hide in the city by day then come out at night, FIND YOU WE WILL, gazing out our weatherized, energy-efficient windows.

peace out,
YumYum, the Frozen BeastieBoy of Spring
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