Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Happy Life by VinnyGuineaPig

Welcome to my Happy New Life! This is my sleep
sack, also my Clubhouse, also where Raj told me I have to snatch & scoot to keep Taj from stealing back the food he already stole from Raj...I don't understand but I am so little I don't have to, and maybe I never will! Ha-Ha-Ha, a merry boy am I!

Check out Taj giving me "the eye" HA-HA! Raj said
it's because he hasn't figured out what I am yet! And he also told me that when Taj gives me "that look" I need to shout: "GO GIANTS!" since he won't admit it
publicly, but we think Raj might be a closet Patriots fan. OH! AND TODAY MUM NOTICED FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT I HAVE WHITE FUR,TOO, JUST LIKE RAJ!

I know I told you all this before, but sometimes I just like to be quiet and meditate in my WhEEkGrass on things like "Will I grow up to be a race horse?"

Raj is teaching me GuineaPigYoga! See how his tail feathers and his entire body bend with such grace?
Look how flexible he is! What does "Namaste" mean?

So, now you know everything about me.
I wake up in my sleep sack.
Or Taj's sleep sack.
Or Raj's sleep sack.
Then once everybody hears mom wake up,
We all rush to the bars of our Habitats and
stand on our hind legs WHEEKING! 
like we have never been fed, EVER!
Mom always says, "Let me make my coffee,
you squeaker-wheekers, c'mon! Please?"
But we don't.
Cuz that's just how we roll.
Right now mom is pretty weak so we gave her
a break but not before we had her feed
us breakfast, refill all our fabric hay-troughs,
refill all our food bowls (since I take up
all the room in the Mahals, they have to
eat out of my weensy-bowl!) Ha-Ha!
Then we nap.
Today mom had enough energy to
share my life with you and she is SO EXCITED
she told us I am already receiving fan-mail!
When her migraine goes away she is going
to bring me into her bed all soft and cozy
and read it to me. I feel so special!
(Cuz I am, hee-hee, little me.)

Taj: "Raj, are you going to include your latest
adventure with "mini-you?"

Raj: "No."

Taj: "Guess you don't want anyone to know that  mini-you tried to hump you but he was so little he couldn't even reach his front paws..."


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WHAT? Like YOU  don't eat hay?
Oh, Puh-LEASE!

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See Vinny Eat

I love sitting in Raj and Taj's food bowl to eat. 

Sometimes Taj wheeks: "Whadda-Whadda-Whadda?"
and it makes me laugh as we stumble and tumble
all over ourselves in a 3-Pig-Feeding Frenzy! Raj
adored me at first sight and is teaching me every-thing he knows while Taj still doesn't know what I am. Our HABITAT is really MUCH BIGGER than it looks in the picture plus we STILL get to go on runabouts and I race like a speeding bullet, turning corners like a short-track Olympic speedskater. I love being me and I love living in my Forever Home with Raj, Taj, and mom. It makes me happier than I ever felt possible!

But sometimes I just like quiet.
To eat out of their bowl, not mine.
My bowl is little, like me.
But theirs has more food to make
me BIG! I'm just a baby boar now,
but watch how fast I grow!
I love you.

(for close-ups, just press my photos, but I am still
going to be little...for now...and the best pics are yet to come!)
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