Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being Little When Life Gets Big

I may be just a wee bitty Guinea named Vinny
but miss being held 
and miss being giggly
and miss being "home"
and now I know what Raj
means when he "misses Fairy"
and what Taj means when
he "misses FAME"
and what MacNutPie means
when he "misses his man-bits"
and what CocoNutPie means
when she misses her 
big sister, Erica...
and what YumYum means
when he tells me 
The Epic Story of PandaPig,
who took him in and taught
him how to cuddle and popcorn and 
hide and chase and "steal the smackeral"
from Bear the Beaver Pig (who YumYum misses, too)
and what missing feels like...
because I didn't think missing could happen
to one as little as me.
And it will be at least one more week
at the farm with our bunny,
who is a nice bunny,
but cannot hold me in her warm hand and
stroke my velvety fur and giggle
over my big, Dumbo ears
when they bobble up & down
while I play chase with Raj...
even a little heart like
mine can miss Big.
I just didn't know it
until now.
Mom used to say that missing
means to have a big heart
but she left out the part
about how it feels 
when that big heart breaks.
Now I know why.
And I'm just a baby piglet.
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