Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The Tribe convened and the Tribe agreed that "we haz had it & we is moving" and dis is where we going.
Anybody know where it IS? Looks BRIGHT so we likes it.

Now: who gets to tell mom...we not even unpacked from moving one year ago...hmmm....who, who?

YumYum: "Oh, Calvin? CALVIN!..dat lookz like a sunny place to raise vegan cheezebirders, now go tell mom we iz movin' dere!"

Calvin the small: " ? "

YumYum: "be like NIKE: JUST DO IT!"

Calvin the small: " ? "

we not movin' is we?

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Emphasis on "DOODLE"

MacNutPie is proud to present mom with the best Mother's Day Present EVAH! No more bedtime cuddle-cup cleanup duty for her!

We retract the previous announcement.
Doodie for mom. Still.

MacNutPie: "I wuz so shure. SO shure!"
YumYum: "Of course you wuz, widdle NUTpie, of course you wuz."
MacNutPie: "MOOOOoooooom!"
mom..."donuts 4 all! donuts 4 all! yeah, THAT'S IT!"
Calvin the small: " ? "
Raj Mahal sniffs air. "No donuts 4 all, whatchoo talkin'Bout, ma?"
Taj Mahal: "where my after-shave, who took my after-shave?"
mom: "donut man took it, know he did, just know it!"
Calvin the small: " ? "
and a happy mother's day was haddled by all.
thank you.
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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from the NOT Sunshine State of Mine...D.

Dear MODS, friends, compatriots, & You GO, PacMan (if you follow boxing, which we piggies do, because PacMan is the most generous humanitarian, like, EVAH, besides the best boxer in the entire WORLD! More than just the Kentucky Derby yesterday, Peeps! 'allo, 'allo, we loves PacMan)...uh, donut holes, where were we?

Oh, OH! um, no: of course the sun didn't come out but one day, a long time ago, in a universe far, far away it DID! and we have photographic evidence, see, because when i emerged from my special sleeping bag to sun my widdle toes (press pic for close-up of widdle toe-tappin')somebody with a lot of nerve and verve snapped this!

Oh, did that sunbath feel good...we wonder now (because it is already May, 'allo!) if it was real but we doesn't have Photoshop so, looks like it real: Sunbathing Tribal Elder-Chief of PigZ caught during rare moment of CHILLAXATION by some paparazzi! Where was Brangelina that we gotz paparazzi instead of pizza? Seriously, something not right, not right...
Happy Mother's Day from the NotEvah, NEVAH GonnaBe, Not Now, Not Tomorrow, Not-evah-sun-
shine state of mind. COME ON, SUN!

your boy lollipop
P. S. not that we watched Pacquiao's fight last night because
we eschew violence, of course, but Calvin has requested we change
his Title from "Calvin the small" to "The Calvinator!"

who loves ya, Baby?
BESIDES "the Calvinator?"
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