Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Gentle Readers,

You may notice these next posts take us on a little trip down memory lane. We are waxing nostalgic just days before our move and thought it would be fun to enjoy some of our recent, lighter moments together at PandaPigSanctuary on Scudder Pond.

Also, to help out anyone still confused about the Mahals:  Taj Mahal is the brown, swirly pig on TOP hugging Raj Mahal (calico, long-haired) on the bottom!  They are both sweet and riotously playful, full of laughter and pranks, like stealing each others' food and chasing one another in and out of their big, blue Pigloo.  Good Mahals! Showing us punky pigs that making nice is a good thing! 

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Dear Readers,

Before we move from the Outback into the city, the Mahals and I wanted to feature some pictures of mom at her happiest:
up way high, closer to heaven, setting up Guinea Piggin' for his pre-blizzard photo shoot! This is where mom longs to be and most belongs! She was a wildlife photographer/outdoor writer/environmental educator before she got sick in 1986. She feels most bestest out in the wilderness with Guinea Piggin' and cross-county skis, and - OF COURSE! - a camera or two! That's a happy mom! And a happy little Guinea Piggin' from the looks of it. Since Edwin is in Seattle, Guinea Piggin is the only one who can go up to Mount Baker with her until school gets out and her bff, Susan, comes back up for some summer trekking!

Mom, we hope you are not in a wheelchair. We hope Susan caffeinates you sufficiently for some high country Burly Mountain Girl Time and you give us pictures to post!

Meanwhile, get that rainbow in your head to behave because all us Pigolletos know we have GOOD TIMES AHEAD!


me (YumYum, Raj, and Taj Mahal)

p.s. mom, when is the "Count DracuPig" nameplate coming off my cage? seriously, you weren't going to leave it there, not after i wrote this post of you all happy, right? put back "YumYum, the One and Only Greatest Guinea Pig Ever" please. thank you. YY.
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Dear Readers, Sweet, Wonderful Readers: We are now 48 hours from The Big Move and mom seems ajar, somehow.
So, we are all being very sweet and nice and affectionate and supportive.
She adores the new place, an artistic cathedral of LIGHT, and rumor has it we may even receive two junior zoo-keepers to help mom socialize Raj and Taj, who are actually coming along really well. This morning is the first time Taj actually came out seeking affection from mom instead of food! And he let her pet and play with him through the bars of his cage!

But Junior Zookeepers would be SO COOL! She even still has her Zoo Vest and another vest they could wear while they play with us and teach us that being loved by people is safe and feels good. I already know that, but the Mahals are just beginning to.

Mom, I am sorry for biting you. But it really hurt my feelings when you took your big blue magic marker and wrote:
"Count DracuPig" on the name plate of my cage. I never mean to bite you, I'm just chattering my teeth to teach the new Mahals who is boss, ya know...but maybe I could be nice and maybe we don't need a boss, really, just love.

The Junior Zookeepers would really help.

Mom, do you want me to be sweet all the time? Because, if you do, I could start when we move. It'll be a fresh start.

Part of the problem is the grief I still feel (and know you do, too) over PandaPig and Bear. I miss them all the time. And maybe, although I do love the Mahals, I've been trying to tell them they can never replace PandaPig and Bear. And maybe that is not the healthiest way to grieve, especially since their living here has cheered us all up so much and we laugh and they have so much fun "WWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeking!" and popcorning and chasing each other and stealing each other's food and just bringing us comfort and joy to help turn grief into happiness.

So, mom, I am going to join you when we move, and become a Hip, Urban, Bohemian, Art Pig (HUBAP) as we move forward.

Maybe your rainbow will be right-side-up Inside your head tomorrow, because I know you miss Panda And Bear, too.

the newly reformed (tell Auntie Ann! tell Auntie Ann!)
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