Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer - Unbelievable

Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer - Unbelievable

We don't own a tele so there seemed a lot of distracting visual
things on here but once we found the "show" and met the 
characters they rocked our world!!!

We're posting (thank you Auntie ConniElfPie) and
dedicating this to those have ever been bullied for 
being different. We were cruelly "dumped" in January
by someone we previous considered an affectionate  
friend who, without being aware of my health or loss 
of any of our guinea pigs...said (to paraphrase) that 
I was just too broken...NEVER contact again, didn't 
need any more broken people.

We always thought friends were there to hold us during
our most vulnerable times, like that girl and her talented, 
shy friend who then remained loyal to her (you'll see, we hope.)

And we loved the magnet we recently saw that said:
"Friends are people who know us really, really, really
well and still love us just the way we are." 

The "Original" Art Studio...

There was a simpler time in a simpler place
where this was all we paper.
Because most of our lives were lived outdoors
where the eagles flew over us, long branches
in talons to bolster nests battered during harsh, 
windy winters, when chickadee-dee-dees
sang at our suet feeders often covered beneath
a million soft, grey feathery titmice wings beating
as one...fragrances long forgotten wafted into open 
windows and we could inhale fresh rain rolling in from 
over the North Cascades to nourish and replenish 
New Beginnings on
the marsh where wood ducks, mallards, buffleheads,
virginia rails, beavers, muskrats, red-winged blackbirds,
and often unidentifiable avian life woke us up with
symphonies at 4 a.m. which kept us sleeping
in a day bed beneath the window for ten years
so we never missed one free concert or cologne sample
from newly sprouting wildflowers, even planted
randomly from a neighbor's deck.

This morning here in town a bald eagle flew over
our building for the first time since we have lived here!
We have our pair of "townies" and have seen a merlin
and tales of snowy owls some winters are told in
tales from times long ago but this morning his
glistening white head and tail made me drop my
jaw in awe! We are close enough to both the Bay
and salmon streams for that not to be unusual, but
they don't often come this far inland, the pair.

Now the art studio...and paperwork.
Medical. Social services. Art stuff.

But Trader Joe sells beautiful orchids for $9.99.
We have a purple one.
And an early bedtime.
We love living downtown.
Never have to drive.

And life is simpler for many other reasons.

Just not those.

Sweet dreams...

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They say you never forget first love.
While it's not exactly spring-like-love weather here,
we came across this portrait of PandaPig offering
to share his lettuce with Chai the Bengal Cat, both
rescues, both best friends, no matter how hysterical
mom's friends got because Chai was actually bred
so close to the real Bengal cat he wasn't even
considered a domesticated animal of "pet quality."
Sometimes one discovers a Very Special Guinea Pig who 
- though terribly neglected, unwanted, and unloved -
is really a
"Wild Cat Whisperer" and while always under
close supervision at all times, these two remained
inseparable friends until mom's brain injury didn't 
allow her to "walk him" twice a day out in the wilds
so he went to live with Edwin in Seattle with his 
snarky, long-haired, Cleopatra-esque, Tortie-Royale
Gal-pal, Sami, (rescues all) who - when you really 
think about it, ultimately ended up rescuing 
mom and Edwin from a life of mediocrity and
purposelessness. Now their missions are to keep
our lives from ever becoming mediocre!!!
And they do it with panache!

PandaPig's Infinite LOVE for all creatures 
inspired this Sanctuary, him and me, cuz when mom 
brought me here, Panda cared for baby YumYum like I 
was his baby; just like I almost, sorta, kinda, some of the 
time in the very beginning took care of VinnyGuinea...
And still do sometimes when I feel like it.

(wiping tear...don't look!)

(p.s. why some words showing up red? anybody know?
we not doing it.)
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Today the physical therapist came
for the last time, following three 
good consecutive days, if you don't 
count the pothole, not sure if we 
mentioned we are helping
mom reconfigure the living room
so she thinks she has an art studio
(heh-heh!) when actually we will
only have more "munchies" in our
Free-Range Runabouts!
P.S. We heard that Daniel Craig who
plays James Bond who we have never
seen is going to open the 2012 Olympics
by parachuting into the Stadium and 
simply wanted you all to know he has
invited us to be his personal guests tucked
into his pockets so even though you may 
not see us, Fairy...just IMAGINE!

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