Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Piglet: A Different Sort of Piggie!

The Piglet
^^^Press Here to watch the Funniest, most Adorable Porcine we've ever met!
You will fall in love: deeply & madly, with this little piglet.
(We mean, like a real pig, not a guinea pig...because we are
technically not real pigs, we are cavies...But you knew that, right?!)

Watch and Giggle with Glee like We (do.)

Your FAVORITE piggie,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popie, Raj & Taj Mahal'S Great "SNATCH, MEET,& GREET Caper!"



Starring the Magnificent PopiePie, Raj & Taj Mahal,
Creative Consultant, Illustrator, Photographer,
and person who actually did all the work, yet clearly
will receive none of the vegetables: Lor-I-KinkyPie!
Lori, you making us ROFLMAO! (not to mention the piggies
are leaving little "presents" for us all OVER THE FLOOR
after THAT FEAST!) We PIP (pee in pants) therefore we ARE!
Philosophical, existentialism in one word: SQUEEEEeeeeee!
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Popie-Pie and Raj Mahal Share a Snack...ALMOST!


Lori G captures the amazing synergy
between species who both appreciate,
respect, and love one
fact, they had a brunch date.

Unfortunately, Raj Mahal did not
remember the dog bisquits and
Popie-Pie couldn't get the fridge
door open to bring lettuce, so they
just hung out and talked about how
their two-legged slaves make them
laugh all the time.

Brunch was rescheduled for when
Lori could reach her Brunch-for-Beasts
caterers in time for FOOD TO BE INCLUDED!

Lor-I-Kink, Brunch-for-Beasts not gonna
call themselves! These two look hungry...
and they also wanted to invite you to share
uh, well, never mind! Too much information.
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I "WHEEK!" Therefore "I AM MacNutPie!"

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Penguin Goes Shopping

Penguin Goes Shopping
We Love LaLa! ^^^^ Thank you, ConnieElfPie for this delightful story!
"SQUeeeee! ConniEEEE, no Fish for me!" Calvin squealed
...he's still new and thinks all stories from the "magic Box" (laptop) are real and
happening in the living room: So, we have fresh, organic romaine, carrots, & lucky
wheatgrass to bring him back to Earth. Psssst: It's those little beanies with
propellers they're all wearing tonight because of the BigMoon, got us all
a little fuzzied... but it's all good, all LaLa,all Guinea Piggles, all the time!

Widdle Heart-Shaped Faces


Photo taken from Owlceanside Owlbox on UStream by Yum-Yum
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We don't remember whether or not we have posted
this, probably have. But, here it is again because we
really LOVE our CalvinPiggiePie
& Happy "BigMoonThing" tonight!
Piggies in the Moon Light,
Dancing 'cuz we's all right!
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Friday, March 18, 2011


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Calvin, the Gentle, loves to kiss! He has a longish snout
that will find just the right spot on your arm or on your
face then plant the sweetest little kisses with his pink
lips and tongue sharing affection with kissy giggles!
He amazes us with his curiosity, gentleness, warmth, and
eagerness to make new friends.
Calvin is such a SQUEEEEeeeeeeeHAPPY fellow, and we are so
lucky he has come to save us from our grief with his sparkling
personality and charming ways!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

To the Guineamobile!

Thank you, Christine, for this hilarious YouTube
revealing the true lives of 2 courageous guinea
girls fighting evil lettuce-snatchers from their
GuineaMobile! You GO, Girls!

Dog Survives Japan Tsunami, Leads Rescuers to Injured Friend - ABC News

Dog Survives Japan Tsunami, Leads Rescuers to Injured Friend - ABC News

^^^Watch with Tissues Firmly in Hand ^^^

Animals Have Courage and are Faithful.
They are our teachers.
We could learn a lot.
Let's listen to them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking of Us All...All of Us as ONE.

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Prayers for Japan


Thank you, Lori G. You sent so many
beautiful cranes for us to meditate on
as we learn about life, courage, heroism,
and survival with grace from the Japanese
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Calvin Gets A Surprise!


News travels fast! Auntie Lor-I-Kink and Popie-Pie
sent Calvin his Fave-O-Fave yellow peppers via
Cyberspace and he's all psyched for his Munch-Out!

Meanwhile, Yum-Yum is spreading rumors that Auntie
Lori is only trying to get him into yellow as a ruse
to convert him into a Steeler's fan...So we are waiting
to see what kind of black vegetable she comes up with to
complete his conversion from Seattle Seahawk to...
you know...that "other" team...THANK YOU FOR THE PEPPERS!

Good luck with the black veggies, we can hardly wait to
see what PopiePie digs up in Lori's vegetable garden!
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Meet Calvin, Our Newest Rescue:And His Beautiful Smile!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The drench Clever Hamsters jazz band - official ad

They may not be guinea pigs but they sure know how to "swing their thing!"
Thanks for sending us this, Kathy, it made us laugh and dance...

Just tell NO ONE we adopted another rescue today.
After the devastation of Japan and so many horrible things taking place
in the world, it was one small act of kindness, all we could give, to help
today be a better one for having given one precious life a loving home and
a new life. His name is Calvin. He is four. He is helping us in our grief,
as we have not stopped missing Erica...we never will, but perhaps the break
in our hearts will begin mending.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now We Know What Coconut Looks Like!



Guinea pigs are littler cousins of wild capybaras and we
have never had one who looked more like a capy than our
precious Coconut!

She has been thriving since MacNutPie moved in with her
and the two are getting along beautifully, although they
both want the one cuddle cup and share well but looks
as if two cuddle cups are in their future.

Everyone is getting individual cuddle, snack, nail trims
this weekend and we rearranged the apartment to give them
more room for their Runabouts.

Still haven't cleaned out Erica's cage yet...working on it.

One day at a time. We are so grateful to Lori and all our
incredibly sweet loved ones who provided support during our
loss through cards, emails, phone calls, gifts, and CyberHugs.
Couldn't have done it without you! You have all been the wind
beneath our wings...

Count Pigula and his minions
not to mention his slave, Skatr and her coffee
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sami, Chai's Gal Pal Merely Observes Her Bengal's Dramatic Behavior...


Sami is no slouch, a mangled, filthy, knotted, wild thing
we adopted when Chai could not stop grieving (nor could we)
for our beloved Yin, a Siamese who lived until nearly 20
years of age.

Chai, Bengal that he is, could only be consoled by a beasty
girl up for some fiery romance...(i.e. hissing, scratching,
howling, warning, leaping, swatting, smacking, chasing, and
stealing Chai's blanket, bed, food, you get the picture:
A True Romance!) and yet Chai still wails in the night for
some far distant land from which his not-distant-enough
ancestors once roamed free. He is descended from the Asian
Leopard Cat, just not quite descended enough generations,
and as for Sami? Somebody just found her walking down a
two-land blacktop north of Lake Washington, picked her up,
nobody ever came to claim her, but she was so wild by then
she was stuck in a garage alone for a year.

The Wild Ones have tamed one another, but not too much...
It's just that sometimes kitty love can be sweet, and right
now we are still grieving, unable to clean out Erica's cage
and coming up with every wild excuse not to. Because we are
sad. And that makes us miss our cats, and even Edwin, too.
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Edwin reports that Chai once again
is struck by spring fever, waking
all in the household with his
plaintive wailing at 3am as if
ready to enter the jungle in search
of his soulmate.

Sami, his soulmate, merely sleeps
through the entire drama while Edwin
tries to calm him down to keep him
from waking the neighbors.

They live in Seattle but Chai lived
here until he realized he wasn't a
guinea pig and wanted his gal-pal.

Doesn't mean we don't miss them.
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Raj and Something on the Guinea Pig Blanket


"MMMmmmm....." Raj murmured, pulling his head out
from within a vegetable to take a deep breath
before going back in again.
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The Day The Sun Came Out To Play


{Honeyantdreaming draws Pictures}
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Will Arrive and Soon We Will Be Trees


Don't have to make no sense!

{Pic by 1SkatrPie}
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Dear Friends, MODS, Country Men and Women, Ferrets, and Seattle Seahawks,

Since the recent passing of our beloved Erica last week, the herd has been
subdued and grieving, looking for her...not understanding...

The worst part is that when they did begin to understand, Coconut's grief
was so intense she simply stopped eating and drinking in an attempt to join
her best friend...

MacNutPie squealed bloody murder.

YumYum cried.

Raj and Taj Mahal just ran around tumping over their Pigloo,
wondering why.

But Coconut was at risk, for guinea pigs are known to die of grief
and not eating and drinking speeds that process up to just a few days...

In desperation, after a playful Runabout together, we did an experiment
because we had also noticed Coconut and MacNutPie consoling one another
through the bars of their we moved MacNut from his bachelor
pad into Coconut's cage...With trepidation.

So far, the two appear to be not only good room-mates, herd-mates, and
playmates, but we sense love in the air...

A spring wedding is already being planned and invitations will be sent
to all via fledging owlets, HORKS optional.

SQUEEE! Our First Wedding with Cake4all: a luscious Celery red-and-yellow
pepperPIE cake with carrot/kale frosting and beets a la wheatgrass!
(HORKS NOT OPTIONAL for two-legged attendees.)

It does not lessen our grief but love just saved two lives
and brightened our day!

Yours Always,
P.S. I grieve by viciously attacking other guinea pigs.
So it doesn't look like I will be getting married, but
mom snuggles me a lot. And we watch Jackie Chan movies
together on the laptop. WOOT-WOOT!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Grief Therapy





Original Drawings by HoneyAntDreaming
of Light and Erica in Heaven
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The "EricOwl"


^^^Press Image to Enlarge^^^

This mixed media collage inspired by a photo
of our friend Eric from his most recent book.

Erica was named after him. He is more of a
"hamster man" but we didn't care.

Today we are really, really missing our little
Lioness. Yesterday we were so tired. Today it
hurts again. Art therapy...what this is.

by Honeyantdreaming of Erica...
Grief day today.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011



Dear Friends,

We are grieving yet also wish to celebrate Erica's beautiful
life with ART! Ever so often, we become completely immersed
in art from a native, indigenous culture and it reflects in
our own drawings.

We love Australian Aboriginal Paintings, both the dot paintings
and newer interpretations of their Dreamtime Mysticism.

We also adore Inuit Art from Cape Dorset, the longest running
printing studio in Canada.

We liked something else, too, but we forgot...

And now we are discovering the healing power of Molas.
Funny how mom discovered one at our local Thrift Shop
the day after finding this image online and there,
high up on their wall, was an authentic, hand-sewn mola
professionally framed selling for a handful of beans!

They were closed that day but mom kept peering at it through
their locked door...long story short, it is now hanging on
OUR wall and we are loving it!

Oh, African Art! That's what we forgot to mention.
And African Music. Mom's friendship with some Maasai warriors
who worked at Woodland Park Zoo inspired exploration into
African Art, and the animals were right there!

Mom enjoys art as therapy. Thinking of who she is drawing for
and the people who developed the style that inspires gives us
a feeling of connectedness with people and cultures we will never
visit in person. Yet, the connection is visceral, palpable, and
we feel in the presence of elders in their villages joining us
as we draw.

And find it healing our broken hearts with color and the stunning
remembrance that Life is Beautiful and the Circle of Love can never
be silken thread, so delicate, yet tenaciously strong
in its delicacy.

We wish you all good night. Thank you for so many loving emails and remind us that friendship heals, too!
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Love Is In The Air...Sort Of..Maybe Not So Much? For More News, We Turn To--

So, Mr. FancyPants ain't afraid of Middle Eastern Despots,
but reveals a secret terror of CAVIES? (Must report him!)
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