Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Calvin's First Poem

Come to Calvin,
cuz I is small,
Come on Coffee,
make me tall.

Y'knows I loves ya
loves ya, true
So, in goes my snout cuz
I gonna DRINK YOU!

thank you. that was my first poem. did you like it?
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Memorial Day MMMmmmm.....for MacNutPie

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That Not a Goofy Expression, That IS MY FACE!

MacNutPie in a moment of happens to the best of cavies.
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Mom comin' after that one toenail she didn't get last time...but I wants to finish my dinner...but she got the clippers
and that fake "I love you, Beautiful!" smile she putZ on every time she gonna do sumpin' bad, sumpin' REAL bad, but
I wants my romaine, this heart the best part, OH, DUH! thatZ why she gave me the heart of the romaine and she got that
fake smile and dem clipperZ...all for one long toenail she gonna sell her soul to da devil! Gonna tell everyone about this...gonna!

"Oh, Caaaalvin!  Howya doin' OH, my Beautiful widdle boy?"
(NOTE TO CALVIN'S SELF: don't fall for it, don't fall for it, don't fall for it, just eat the romaine
and act like she not there...yeah, do dat, it'll work. Nevah worked yet but this time ----)


(didn't work.)
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StarZ In My Eyes!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and thank you to all who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice so that we may live in Freedom: We Salute You and Honor your service to our Country.

From: YumYum and the Patriot Pigs of Panda Pig's Peace Sanctuary.
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Sanctuary for the Heart

Posted by Picasa I am YumYum and I am loved.

YouTube - I am an Animal Rescuer

YouTube - I am an Animal Rescuer

We invite CD3, Mother of Bob, to become a contributor
here at PandaPigSanctuary because she understands...
and her heart will break and then she will let it break again
and again and again, as we all will. Invisibly, most of us,
but an army of LOVE which, in the end, justifies the
highest service any human being can offer...our lives,
our money, most of all: our willingness to have our hearts
reach out knowing that they will be broken again.
And then again. With each lost soul we invite into our
lives, we become Whole. Who rescues whom, really?

YouTube - Cat mom hugs baby kitten

YouTube - Cat mom hugs baby kitten