Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fairy, Is There Room For...

Dear Fairy,

It's your very own true love, Raj, here...tonight we have a poorly mum and a blizzard, too, and it's cold and we were wondering, Fairy...Oh, and we have our Mr. Mouse, too...but, would you maybe have room for one more, that would be mum...and then room for one more, that would be me, of course...then maybe have room for CocoNutPie (you could trade beauty secrets!) and MacNutPie...and, oh well, TAJ MAHAL, of course, he of international Guinea Pig Magazine Cover Pin-Up fame...and, YumYum...hmmm, we might need to put him with your miceys...have I forgotten anybody? Well, see, they told mum when she got out of the hospital to "take it easy" and we are POSITIVE she was! Seriously, quiet as Mr. Mouse and in bed resting...most of the time, Honest!

Now, maybeeeeeee, well,  not QUITE, what I am trying to ask is, is...Fairy, could we ALL CRAWL IN THERE WITH YOU TONIGHT? We're cold and still miss Calvin and Mariella, you know how it is to have "one of those days" well, it's turning into "many of those days - and nights, too!" so, um, would you have room in there with you and your miceys? Thank you for your kind, gracious consideration, Fairy.

We would bring our own snickety-snackety baskets to share!?

{Sweet Beautiful Photo of Fairy courtesy of her mum or dad? Not sure since we swiped it...oopsie!}
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