Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Me

Even little Coconut, named by Kestra's daughter, Kezia,
has her "moment in the sun."

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Coconut's Koan

                      What is the sound of one hand lovin' me in perfect Silence?

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Mom is that true? That I'm your favourite? See, I spelled "favourite" like i's British? Does THAT make me your favourite?

I love each and every one of you, Calvin the small, each and every one of you.

THANKS MOM, you just have to "say that" cuz the rest o'da herd is listening but I knowZ I is your real Favourite!

Calvin the small, why would you even THINK a thing like that?!

'Cuz, mom, I gots my own mug!

Indeed you do, little Calvin, indeed you do.
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MacNutPie's "Sweet Spot" TAKE 2!

OOOoooooh, baby, Baby! Summertiiiiiiiime...and the livin' is ea-sy! Fish are jumpin,
and the cotton is high...

not really: not summer, no fish, only thing high about cotton
is mom's dirty t-shirt pile.
But does the Mac care? Nope! Me just lovin' my sweet spot!
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Is That Tooth the Only Thing Cracked?

Mom! Mom! got a cracked tooth, take a picture, take a picture!

O.K. MacNutPie, but according to my 4H Guinea Pig book, I am supposed to do something to make them both
even again. Ewwww...

Mom! Mom! no cracked tooth, just typonese on the camera, no cracked tooth!

Roger THAT, MacNutPie, I never planned to use my spa mani-pedi thingys on your teeth anyway.

Rest of herd: his tooth IS cracked, i've seen it.
Well, he bit ME ONCE and even the bite was uneven!
Mom don't know nuttin' about no manis OR pedis! she cut MY nail to the quick once!
I know, you can't let her cut your toenails, gotta wiggle, but then she misses...we gotta come up with sumpin' better.
Roger THAT, a plan! I lurves plans! Let's plan another Star Trek Tribble Dance Partay!
Unanimous: Wheeek: Star Trek Dance Party! Squeeeeeeeeee! Could we at least PAINT our toenails?
Ya! Saw some industrial strength commercial apartment building paint in the closet for covering up
nail holes in the wall, somebody GIT IT!
oooooOOOOOH! StarTrekTribbleDancePartay with industrially painted talons! WHEEEK!
Gonna be some good times, good times, indeed.
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