Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sandy in the Garden After Meditating...Fresh Berries!

Our friend, Sandi, and mom spent an afternoon together just picking all the berries they could pluck from the organic garden at the Meditation Center and everybody's fingertips and faces turned pink and rose and black and sweet: So sweet!
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YouTube - Swarm catch June 3 2011 001

On Sundays mom goes up to the Birch Bay Meditation Center
to meditate,  visit with friends, and eat honey! One of the guiding
principles of the Meditation Center is nonviolence, vegetarianism,
and love for all living beings. O.K. make that three principles. And
there are more, but this story is about bees!

So, when people call the exterminator to kill bees, who do the exterminators
call? Ron, "The Swarminator!" And instead of killing bees which are
so rapidly disappearing from our planet (sad, but true) Ron "catches
the swarm" and takes them back to the Birch Bay Meditation Center
to their very own hive, near their spectacular organic garden, acres
of stunning wild fields and forests with a view overlooking the San
Juan Islands! A great place to meditate. A great place to be a bee, too!
Plus, we know there is a bald eagle's nest there, for eagles soar high
above us on the thermals...into the heavens above earth, sea, and sky!

YouTube - "Annie" (1982) - Tomorrow

YouTube - "Annie" (1982) - Tomorrow: ""

Watch this and hang on till tomorrow, come what may...



Dear Readers,

Mom is such a know-it-all. First, she leaves "Les Mis" on this morning to depress us as the rare morning sun
streams rays of liquid happiness into our apartment! (as the "Revolution" music plays...and all the people die
except, well who hasn't seen Les Mis, so back to our story!)

We complained. Mom, we sez, play something happy, something that will fill our lungs to bursting with song.

Then some weisenheimer, (Oh, was it Raj Mahal?) opens his big, fat pie-hole and sez, "NOT 'ANNIE' ANYTHING BUT ANNIE, NO ANNIE! IT'S A BRAINWORM WE'LL NEVER GET OUTTA
by declaring our entire apartment an Annie Free Zone! Okay, fine. WhatEVAH!

At least she turns off Les Mis before heading off to the Farmer's Market for our weekly organic treats.
That's all we cared about...

Bellingham is a strange little town, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!  When we get a blizzard, 'Hamsters cross -country skis to the ice cream shop mom went to yesterday on Railroad Street. When the sun comes out, we find at least ten outdoor arts, nature, music, and race festivals happening all at the SAME time. Like the Appliance Art Festival mom was in a few years ago when it first stuff, and mom did see appliances being driven with wheels down the street and around the market, but it only makes B'hamsters smile watching dryers drive by!


As mom approached a crosswalk, she found herself engulfed in a parade of little children all dressed up
like little Annies with their little red, curly Annie wigs on, and they were all singing and mom couldn't do
one thing about it, only accept "This is my Annie-Free-Zone karma! HOLY FORKIN'-HORKS, I HAVE BEEN AMBUSHED BY AN ANNNIEPALOOZA!"

True. They were all marching around to promote their performance tonight at the Mt. Baker Theatre,
(a place so fancy mom doesn't even OWN the clothes she would need to be seated there!) but it gets
worse! (as if that's even possible!)

She got a sandwich at the Public Market that's kind of like a big co-op of different organic eateries
and a market and had to sit down on a bench to get it to all fit on the walker with the hay she also got
for us...does it seem like it's all about us? Good! Because it is! and the nice man next to her was talking
on his iThingy about children's theatre and brochures and stuff...and then he got off the phone and asked
if mom needed help...(like, when doesn't she?) and she merely looked at him, in disbelief, and asked:
"Do you know anything about the "Annies" who are marching all over town? Do you? DO YOU?!"
And he pulled out a poster with big red letters gleaming "Anniepolooza!" emblazoned across it beneath
a photo of Annies and other little people...before showing mom which of the many Annies was his very
own daughter, to which mom stopped hyperventilating into her brown paper sandwich bag long enough
to say, "She is very pretty." And then she ASSURED HIM that she did not need help unless he had a
spare oxygen tank on him, no, didn't think so, and he went off on his merry way, so proud of his beautiful
daughter who would be singing (THAT SONG) TONIGHT, NOT TOMORROW, BUT TONIGHT,
at the Mt. Baker Theatre.

Other than that, we all had a pretty good day. Except when mom went to the farm store to get our hay
and was admiring the fine pair of "mating peacocks" they had for sale and the devil man who she tries to
always avoid saw her, grinned the grin of Satan, and said, "Oh, have you seen the half dozen guinea pigs
we saved for you?" She darn near dropped her hay!

He was just kidding...this time!

At least he wasn't singing "Tomorrow."

The peacocks were.


gOOd MorNINg, the sun is out again! two days! well, mom was just feeding us fresh, organic wheatgrass she grows here for us from red wheat thingys and she had on the second CD on "Les Miz" and all the good people just got mowed down and died except for the one that Jean Valjean saved, Marius, who Eponine loved so much, and it was like, "hey, mom, the sun is out, WTF are you playing THAT FOR?" so she said, "Yeah, this is really sad! You're right." and instead of turning it off, she just went into the bedroom and turned on her computer! STUPIS. TURN IT OFF, MOM, CUZ ALL THAT GONNA HAPPEN NOW IS THE REST OF 'EM GONNA DIE THEN FANTINE GONNA COME FOR VALJEAN AND EVEN WE CAN'T STOP CRYING...GET BACK IN HERE! STUPIS!!!!

Well, she turned it off, but found this photograph sent from our bff for longer than forever, our Birder Friend, Jerry, who lives in Decatur, Atlanta (wasn't there some buzz on the Stream about Decatur?) and he and mom been friends since she was 19! And he and his friends got mom into birding, a story we will save for another day, but Jerry is the one who identified Photographer Extraordinaire Giz's northern parula warbler, and he's her bested, longest friend through thick and thin forever and a day. And he is married to the coolest lady in the whole world, too, Laurie, who took his birding class (Emory University) and she snatched him, snatched him good! Else he'd of become a hermit.
But a hermit with a first class Italian Espresso machine! Hee-hee...

Mom sends him art and then forgets. She done it again. He sent a thank you email and she was like all "huh?" while Marius and company were all being gunned down in OUR ROOM and Eponine was dying, unrequited love, in his Jerry knows mom well enough now to send PICTURES so she stops going "HUH?" while Jean Valjean is carrying Marius off the battlefield, to save his life for Cossette before Fantine comes for Valjean and Javert throws hisself off a bridge...geez, such DRAMA on a sunny Saturday morning. This is Jerry's pic of mom's Photography and drawings at his house on his bird bookcase...

somebody send mom the soundtrack to something happy like...oh, the only happy musical would be "Annie" and if anybody sends THAT we will KEEEEEEL YOU! seriously. this is an "ANNIE" FREE ZONE!

loves your gutZ!

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