Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Julie Andrews - Dancing Queen - YouTube

Julie Andrews - Dancing Queen - YouTube

Dedicated to Ms. A, who reminds me to dance.
Even - ESPECIALLY! - with piggie pee on my nightgown~

Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

And you're always glad you came..."CHEERS" TO THE TRIPLE-SHOT GRANDE!

p.s. We actually ran into the actor who played the Postman on "Cheers" near the ferry terminal on one of the islands many years back, Edwin said he and I were wearing identical and Cliff both lookin' alike! IMAGINE what that says about mom! In truth, a lot of non-Hollywoodies who don't need ranches or New York do live in the Puget Sound area and some even live here.

But they all turn pale, mossy-green after awhile, like the rest of us, so they fit right in!
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If It's Monday...

Mom still not feeling too well, but she looks worse than she feels. Pretty chicky here looks better than mom! But she has discovered that NOW is the time to prepare for the next Art Extravaganza, and is determined to ORGANIZE EARLY! That is why she fell asleep with Calvin already once today, and is going back to bed now.

But we had the most fun yesterday and she did get my cage cleaned and half of Calvin's and the new crop of hay that's come in is just the way we love it, the last crop was mainly dust. We like the flowers on the ends of the stalks. Like popcorn, so we had a blast watching Vacadude's Playhouse where he did a LIVE ON AIR puppet show about the meaning of "Columbus Day" and it was funny. Personally, we think this holiday should be revoked now that we know "the end of the story" but Thanksgiving had an even worse ending (not for the Pilgrims, for the ones who saved them, mmm, not good at all.)
But there's too much football. They'll never revoke Thanksgiving. And giving thanks is good. We just feel it would be good to do every day. Don't you?

Winter has blustered its way back onto the odd, considering how - in many ways - it kinda never left! Spring and Fall? Fuggetabout it!! Nevah happened. So, mom chose ONE room to focus on finding the heat vent and it's OUR ROOM and we're now hunkered down next to mom's bed with one heating vent and Calvin's back to his nightly "special me in bed with mom" ritual.
So,  I had to pee on mom ro re-establish my dominance and value as #1 Alpha
Pig of Perfection. DON'T JUDGE! She likes the way I feel so warm on her chest and I bask in the Glow O'Da Cuddle because we've been together so long we just hug and I purr straight-up-close-and-personal but, hey, I'm YumYum. She was
wearing the one flannel nightgown she inherited from her recently passed-away friend but no harm done. She just glad I drinking enough water TO PEE ON ANYTHING, EVEN IF IT HER! That's the beauty of having a brain-Farked mom.
She don't know any different. Whatever happens, happens! It all good, as long as
we together as a family. And she thinks she a guinea pig, too. Ya just gotta work
these things to your advantage when you're YumYum, cuz that's how I roll, baby, that just how I roll!

Now, to count our myriad shades of grey...

Light grey, dark grey, in-between grey, blue grey, green grey, cloudy grey, watery grey, hazy grey, moist grey, sprinkley-rain-grey, mediocre-rain-grey, windstorm without rain grey, windstorm with rain-grey, windstorm-with-hail grey, winstorm with horizontal, pouring, zero-visibility grey, windstorm with rain and hail grey, windstorm with horizontal rain and hail grey, foggy grey, grey poupon,
spooky grey, grey of the Scottish moors, where you can almost hear Sasquatch howling...and it's only OCTOBER...HEATHCLIFF!
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