Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear Friends, Readers, and MODS,

Do you know that I am one of the rare guinea pigs who "chirps?" and that now, having been listening to Molly for months,
I surprise the herd and startle mom whenever I feel like it by Chirping Like Molly? Yupper! First time it happened they got REALLY got
their freak on, because we were Molly-watching (of course!) but it was ME!
Taj Mahal! Mom says it's already special that my pretty ear is two-toned, just like my bottom lip,
and that I am a silky Abyssinian,
but my adroit skills at audibly mimicking
Molly's "McGee, get your tushie in here and FEED ME! Then, and only then, may you have your way with me!" well, oh,
mom tells everybody that I am THAT SPECIAL! It's wonderful being wonderful.

And since I rarely post a message on our Blog, I would like to give a special "Shout-Out" to every member of "The Black Sheep Rebellion" who made history! Now Carlos talks to us TWEETERS like we's all as special as me!

So be me...sigh.

Love you,
Taj Mahal
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Dear Readers,

Since my toenails are the prettiest this morning, I, Raj Mahal, have officially chosen myself to welcome new baby owlets into the world on behalf of the "Herd that Hears" here at PandaPigSanctuary!

And welcome to any new MODS who have joined our blog about life as a magnificent watch rodents being eaten inside Molly's Owl Box, but here you can see how we LIVE! How beautiful, sweet, affectionate, playful, and loving we are with
a big sense of humor and lots of Popcorn Giggles!

Do you know what popcorning is? In our lexicon, it is when we are too happy to contain so much GLEE inside our little bodies so we run and POP into the air, all four feet airborne, land, then take off at full speed, only to rise once more into the air! We's like popcorn, only guinea pigs, see?!
Although, in YumYum's case, he giggles so hard that sometimes he rolls over on his side, kicking out his little guinea pig feet before jumping upright at full speed, arching his fluffily Mohawked BackFur, then flying vertically into the air like a bucking bronco! He runs madly about, popping in his own peculiar way, in our RunAround Pen over and over, bucking and popping until mom is on the floor laughing too hard to breathe! Guess we think he's funny, too, just not as dignified as we are...but, he was the runt of the litter, wears his mohawk proudly, is half our size, and DAILY crowns himself AlphaPig of the herd...sigh. Taj and I just go along
with it then tell funny stories about him each evening at dusk, while mom is on "McGee Watch." (Now
an exercise in futility, although fun to watch Molly wing-whack him, throw him out, and demand food!)
Good thing for mom we don't have wings...not that we would EVER!

We are the Guinea Pig Nation. And now YOU are FAMILY, too!

Raj with Pedicure
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