Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Dear Faithful Friends,

You may have noticed we have gone missing from our very own Blog, and wondered: How could YumYum do that to us,
we hang on his every word.

We apologize for neglecting you. Sincerely, we do.

For starters, mom has not been well.

And as for me, I have been enjoying my guest editorial contributions on the MOD Blog for the past few months, because on October 20, the Owl Cams will be turned off...and since moving into our urban "digs" from our beloved wildlife sanctuary on Scudder Pond, Molly's Owl Box has been our "nature fix" and we became involved in the lives of the many wonderful friends we have made there over the spring, summer, and now into fall.

It has been the "wind beneath our wings" during our transition from listening to eagles in flight, enjoying beavers at dusk, and inhaling the fragrance of storms blowing in from across the pond to: HERE!

For those who would like to see our new environment, please watch the YouTube sensation:

                                           "Bellingham State of Mind"

because we live just off Railroad Street, which is featured in this hysterical send-up of "Empire State of Mind" and you can see all the places mom frequents daily (or as much as possible) and see that we are now living quite a different lifestyle after ten years embedded within our little Nature Sanctuary.

The good news is that we have the coziest, FAB little place, a 4th floor corner unit, with EPIC South-West windows: and light, light,YES, WE HAVE LIGHT!  We've also discovered that downtown Bellingham is way sunnier than the foothills east of us...our old home, sigh...

MORE NEWS: Meteorologists now tell us we are in for the coldest, wettest, stormiest, snowiest winter
since the 1950's, meaning (God willing) that mom can just clip her boots into cross-country skies and whoosh-whoosh straight to our favorite coffee shop (Adaggio Cafe)  in the midst of every paralyzing blizzard that silences our little town beneath a blanket of snow. And more snow. And, hopefully, LOTS more snow!
We love snow. LOVES IT!

So, ya, we have been quietly adjusting...evolving, grieving yes, learning to apprecieate what we now have,
and we promise to return to you soon, better than ever!

Thank you for your patience.
(And my Pulitzer-Prize winning posts can be seen on the MOD Blog, which is linked here, above...
who knew YumYum such a brilliant writer?! We cavies never cease to amaze (ourselves!)

Horks & Hisses & Guinea Pig Kisses,
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