Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Taj Mahal strikes it BIG on the cover of the next international Guinea Pig Magazine! Demands more food, scritchy-scratches,
and to be praised continually for his amazing tongue...has already retained an agent in Hollywood to tell his life story in indie film biopic showing him eat, sleep, play chase with Raj, popcorn, wheek, and shamelessly snitch food from his brother, EVEN moving his Extra-Large Pigloo
(with its heavy, ceramic food bowl, wooden chew toy, mini-hay-bale, and other accoutrements) over to his bright, new orange fabric hay trough, so instead of eating out of the holes at the bottom like the commoners, he leaps atop his tall pigloo, shoving front paws and snout into the open top,  pigging out head-first! Guess that qualifies him for Cover Pig: He outsmarted Jen, the trough designer, passing on her well-planned design to HAVE IT HIS WAY... Imagine that swirly-chocolate head and bright pink tongue plunging into as much hay as he can eat and you have this month's dashingly handsome, humble Cover Pig!

(Houston, we may have a problem.)

A wonderful problem that brings much needed joy at this time.

Not to rain on his parade...but we discovered that THREE OTHER GIRL PIGGIES, ONE FROM EACH SISTER SANCTUARY passed away last week after Calvin, a total of four piggies the first week of the year. Apparently, Calvin now has his own harem to teach him how to popcorn and run and do all the things he never could do in his boneless body...We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Fairy, Ingrid, and Jen of Jen's Custom Crafts. We have never experienced so much loss in such a short time and each from a sanctuary or family with whom we feel dearly close.

So we shall rejoice with Taj as we also give thanks to all the girls who are watching over Calvin in heaven and teaching him how much fun a piggie can have once free of suffering.

We also wish to thank each and every one of our friends from America, England, and India for the support and love we have received during this difficult time...

Taj is now on the phone with his "agent" - oops, apparently he now has an iPAD and is ordering custom Robin Hood apparel for himself and the herd, having pulled a credit card out of nowhere...this is definitely gonna get interesting!

P.S. Although the magazine contents are not available online, he is also featured with his very own interview inside while MacNutPie sports his personal collection of products through the magazine store...dem pigs done gone HOG WILD!
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