Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Richard Engel Named the 2011 Daniel Pearl Awardee « Los Angeles Press Club

Richard Engel Named the 2011 Daniel Pearl Awardee « Los Angeles Press Club


msnbc video: Engel receives Daniel Pearl award; Craig White retires

msnbc video: Engel receives Daniel Pearl award; Craig White retires

We honor the courage and valor these two men have to bring us
the news nobody else will, or can. Just not sure how much mom
is lovin' hubby's new coif...a little too Hollywood for her brave
bedouin correspondent. No worries, she'll mess it up!

i'm just a little pig and i'm COLD!

Mom, i iZ tucking myself in, see, i got the blanket in my mouth?

Dear Friends in Hot Places,
Please come visit us. Bring those bright yellow bell peppers, please. Did you know guinea pigs do not
make Vitamin C and must receive supplemental vitamin C from those warm places y'all complainin'
about? So, come here. Bring us stuff. Thank you.
Calvin the brrrrrr....small.
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Draw Y'SELF!

Mom gets confoozled when all the animals inSIDE her head go on a rampage to be drawn at the exact same time when all the animals OUTside her head demand to be fed, petted, and allowed to runabout with maps of where the half-sketched little buggerZ are so we can EAT THEM and get her head quiet enough to realize the only aminals that EVAH matter are us!

That is our mission. This sketch from many years ago: We still have not permitted her to finish it. Nor shall we. And, if she does, eat it we will! ARrrgg! We be ArtPiratePigs, Matey, and don'tcha FORGET IT!

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works in progress...aren't we all?

rough beginnings to be continued as able...
not so unlike EVERYTHING in life.
PROCESS: start, keep going. stop. start again. repeat
as often as necessary.
And that's all we got for ya, mateys, along with our
favorite Zen saying, so we'll sez it again:
"Fall down seven times, Get up eight."
Day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
and, at the end, all we have to show for ourselves
is how much we have LOVED.
it's not about the product, it's about the process.
Nevah underestimate the quality of the coffee!
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We haven't been by the gallery all week but know that, for owner Rick, it's "crunch time" preparing for the grand opening of Artisans downtown during Bellingham's famous First Friday ART WALK! We're pretty sure the place won't be recognizable when we arrive and can hardly wait to see what he and the artists have done with it! We know there will be music on this platform where these branches now sit bundled, and plenty of yummy food (Rick is the site manager for our Saturday Downtown Farmer's Market, too!) and LIVE music, with everything he can pull out to make it a Magical Evening for All! As for mom, she found a swirly, layered skirt at the thrift shop like the kind featured in Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog and she wearing her cowboy boots in case the band plays a two-step (because that's as far as she can walk - er- Dance!) with a girly tank top instead of the usual Pacific Northwest "Let's go Climb Mt. Rainier after a coupla lattes!"uniform, worn by all...
This is special: Friday Night ARTWALK GALLERY GRAND OPENING featuring photography of us (and some other pictures she drew with her colored markers)  is COWBOY BOOT-SWIRLY-SKIRT-SPECIAL! Deet! Deet! Deet!

Let's hope she can make it! We have our chilly widdle tails crossed...and our fleece blankets at the ready!
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Winter Hath Wrought "Brotherhood"

Taj (on left) and Raj Mahal
"brother up" in Raj's cuddle
cup to stay warm during our
cool (cold) summer nights.
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Winter's Returns...June 2011!

Wintry sunset view from our apartment over downtown Bellingham and the San Juan Islands
taken June 30, 2011?! Wasn't there just some kind of Summer Solstice thingy?

Dear Mom,

Why do I sniff cold? We offend summer with our revelry? It's in the mid-40's and now I'll have to share my cuddle cup with Raj to stay warm and he hogs it. What happened? Why that sunset look
like Winter? Did we miss something or did you break summer, Mom? Please don't break summer.

BrrrrrTaj Mahal
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