Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Once Duke ordained us piggies "official" Hooligans for eating our cardboard houses
(like, who don't do that?) lil'Giz wanted in and we all agree that wid a face like his,
he a DEFINITE Hooligan! Mom wants to brush and groom him, probably use our
flea comb and infect him wid our mites, so DON'T LET HER!

CONGRATS, LIL'GIZ, YOU IZ A HOOLI-SUMPIN' NOW! We is barrel-rollin' wid glee!
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"Adopt-A-Piggie" Works In Progress

Dear Friends,
We remain hard at work on our "Adopt-A-Piggie" cards
in between buying piggie treats, washing and chopping and feeding piggies,
playing with piggies, cuddling piggies, piggie Runabouts,
Piggie Sleep-A-Thons with mom,
cleaning piggie water bottles and refilling them
cleaning piggie food bowls and refilling them
cleaning piggie cages and refilling them
cleaning piggies and not getting squealed at!

So, just imagine! You can simply "Adopt-A-Piggie" by purchasing cards
and not get to do all the other fun stuff!

Right now we are preparing for the First Friday Art Walk here in B'ham
where ARTISANS gallery sells non-piggie cards and drawing/paintings
then it's-a-gonna-be-PIGGIE TIME!
Can't ya just feel it in the cool, Pacific Northwest breeze?
(was that wrong, all you melters? We didn't mean it.)
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Mixed Media Moose

A long time ago in a place far, far away where there was plenty of room to throw hand-made papers from around the world all over the floor, and a BIG bathroom where lots of glue and paint could play together, we used to have "Mixed Media SMACKDOWNS!" and mess up the place real good creating wall hangings strung with hemp on bamboo poles to hang up all around...above the jaws of paper-eating little monstrous's likes us! This is a close-up of part of a wall hanging about a bewildered moose. We think it was subconsciously autobiographical but would never whisper a word of it to mom! We just think Moose's expression looks somethin' familiar and all the stuff above him...kinda like the floor in her "studio" and her with that "HUH? HOW DIS ALL GET SO MESSY?" face.

...Just Sayin'
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