Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lunch Time! How to tame your Guinea Pig / Teach names

AS IF we can be tamed!

What? Is that the fridge? The veggie bag?
EEEeeeeK! MOM, Feed us NOW!

(We tame her!)


EVERY SO OFTEN something so wonderful comes into a guinea pig's life that one must post it every so often
on the Blog, y'know? This is one of those wonderful things, our
Fave-O-Fave even got a "Guinea Pig Way"
license plate holder for the car!

Everyone should live their life THE GUINEA PIG WAY!


Les Miserables - Epilogue (TAC)

Taken from the Tenth Anniversary Concert of "Les Miserables" we have to confess
that not a guinea pig had a dry eye in the house. Mom listened to it while cleaning
our cages and bedding us down for the night...

We have many loved ones in desperate straits...fighting illnesses which may take
their lives, may take them from us soon, too soon, although it is not for us to just discovered that the one cousin in her family she has been close
to forever is a MOD! Battling breast cancer...she asked her to live so they could
get on the Stream together for the Third dear one and then another...

So we listened to songs from "Les Mis" that inspire us to do our best:
"To love another person is to see the face of God!" they sang. "To love another
being is to feel the love of God," we sang back! We may not have the lyrics exactly
right through our tears for we have lost the language of Prayer as our grief
deepens into that Silent Place which speaks louder than words, leaving our
cheeks stained with tears we refuse to wipe! Each tear for each loved one we cherish
and pray with all our heart for their Peace at last, knowing that they may soon Rest
though we prepare for imminent grief. We shall be brave and cry with no apology!

You know who you are: we know who you not afraid, for you are not alone.

Lean on us so we may sing softly to you. Let us be the shoulder you rest upon, the
lap you lie down safely into, the prayer which will guide your spirit when you take
Flight towards and into that Blessed Place, free from all your pain and sorrow...
spare us not, for those you leave behind gladly bear our sorrow and celebrate the
unspeakable joy you have brought into our lives, just for being yourselves. We gladly
grieve for the privilege of having loved and been loved by you.

Sweet Dreams, Beloveds, sweet dreams, rest, and awaken if you can, to another beautiful