Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

mom not gonna miss fluffy, no way

dear readers,

a LOT has been going on this week since Fluffy's mom, the apartment manager, who (by the by) does NOT live here, went on vacation: the poo hit da ! and we realize that bellingham may be a small city, but we is in da Projects, man, and is rough here! we got callin' cops, people got calling child protective services, got a gang a kids gone WILD running through everythin' knocking down stuff, jumpin' on cars, fighting over a baby stroller, pushing it into cars, pulling bottles and blankets out, playing tug of war with dat thing, until mom notice...

OOPSY! had a baby in it! she call da police but dey's didn't do nothin' then people got real mad about it and
all the neighbors is out watching, taking pictures, calling cops, child protective services, (ain't NONE of these kids got PARENTS?!)

then one man real mad JUST FURIOUS PATRIOT
cause his neighbor from India cooks curry and curry "NOT AMERICAN! I HAVE TO SMELL IT AND IT IS NOT NOT NOT AMERICAN SMELL IN MY HALLWAY" and yellin' bout the un-American curry smell and mom got her own sexual predator stalking her: ONLY A FEW DAYS AFTER WE MOVE he come and knock on door at night, she no answer, was like: WHAT THE?!@@## THEN just last week he stand outside OUR BIG sunny, open WINDOWS FOR HOURS waiting to see mom appear then start making all kinda motions on her so that night she crawling around on floor till dark enough to stand up and close blinds and not get seen but don't get dark till nearly ten, so a lot a crawlin' mom did that night and now she ready to throw her walker on his man-parts if he come NEAR her (already molested two womens!) but he bother mom ONE MORE TIME she break his manPlace then get restraining order then he get kicked out. mom not wanna be violent...not wanna get in trouble, too, but already told manager(fluffy mom) before she left on vacation: he NO TOUCHIN MOM! so, she trying to be non-violent and loving while planning trajectory of throwing walker - she bad, maybe, too...but scared! no background checks around here?

and mom met the lady who called CPS, and she old, with infant so mom say, oh, is that you grandson, he is adorable, and she sat dere, look at mom, says "No."  Awkward Silence ensued...then says but she gots grandchildren, too...(BIG WHOOPSY, MOM!) and now Fluffy got diarrhea so mom called fluffy mom in LA and she not call back and everyone say she fired (?!) so now mom don' know if she even comin' BACK for Fluffy, been gone a week, hadn't called once, now we's wondering what up and fluffy starting to lay on mom, purring, run out an greet mom all the time,  but loves us more

all a big fat we-don't-know-what-kinda week, (or what the **** we've gotten ourselves into, YIKES!) so stay tuned...we living in da looney bin. but mom likes her neighbor, "Napolean Dynamite" exactly but very sweet and we not even gonna mention OTHER neighbors...oh my, oh dear, oh my, oh dear...
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MMMMmmmmm.....dream of toys and love

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fluffy pooped

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mousie wore fluffy out
i's just a little kitten, mousie gonna get it
when fluffy wake up,
or tomorrow
fluffy gonna squeak, make momma come
and pick up fluffy and tuck fluffy in

see how hard fluffy fought on da mousie
YumYum got pitchers next!
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i's Fluffy

dis my mousie
fluffy loves mousie
fluffy gonna GET dat mousie

fluffy chasin' dat mousie
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