Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"I have no friend except my Beloved,
I have no work except his love."
~Sant Darshan Singh, mystic Poet of India

Rarely do we share glimpses of our inner spiritual path on this blog. We do so now with profound love and gratitude, for it has taken us a little while to absorb her passing. We were not able to travel to India to honor her, yet she lives on forever in the memory of the time she held mom, sobbing inconsolably in her arms, kissing mom, whispering, "I know, I know." Mom misses her spiritual master, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj and is unable to travel to see him. When he arrived to inaugurate the Vancouver, British Columbia Eco-Center for Meditation back in April, 2009,
mom's mystical longing literally exploded out of her wheelchair and into the arms of MataJi, who comforted mom as Her Very Own...for Sant Darshan Singh was her own husband, and he passed in 1989: one of the greatest, humblest mystic poets India ever called her very own.

Now they are Together again. Mom will never forget MataJi's embrace: she literally melted into
Mata Ji's Divine Love! It never happened before. Nor will it ever happen again. Yet Mataji's passing will never remove the memory and Divine comfort she provided in that one, seemingly endless Motherly embrace. Mother of All Creation, Love Personified, evey being her son and daughter,
every creature hers to care for with no regard for race, religion, nationality: no differences existed
in Her eyes, we all became hers...she brought Unity to diversity and we found our common
yearning for oneness with ourselves, with one another, and with all Creation in the precious
gift of her saintly embrace.

We follow the Path of Sant Mat meditation, which asks us to love all as our very own.
Easier said than done!
But we will get up each time we fall, and fall we do, and often;
Yet, for us, no aspiration in life is more worthy than the Ultimate Realization that
we are all One. United, in the words of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, by "Silken threads
of the Divine." And that embrace is inclusive of all creatures, great and small,
human and dove.

In Peace Tonight Remembering our Beloved Mataji,
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Guinea Pig Magazine

A real magazine all about us. From "Across the Pond." We were invited to send photos of ourselves.
As if we could say no to THAT!

P.S. Not a big deal, but mom lost all strength in her legs and we're trying to tell her that everything is going to be just fine (like not having to drive up to the border to see the vet) so if you don't hear from us, we're just all sitting with her on the bed, sharing the love...
watching "Gandhi" from NETFLIX, pondering non-violence towards mites. Meanwhile, we've plenty of hay and pellets and mom has soup, rice cakes, and honey almond butter.
(With a frozen, vegan gluten-free chocolate cake in the freezer!)

Please do NOT send us "What Would Gandhi Do?" bracelets when
we go to vet to have the mites mitigated! We don't KNOW what Gandhiji
would do, but we gotta pretty good idea what the vet gonna do...PARTITION
those mites from our fur! 
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No Comment.

After discovering "the MITE-Blight" mom nicely asks if I'll help her clean up a little.
She didn't feel too good before the vet called and now she a, she makes me this "to do"
list, SEE, with little hearts on it...HEARTS! Seriously, mom?

I ate it.

No further comments.

"That was NOT me on that TWITTER picture either, you know how people can "hack in" and..."

Oops, wrong press conference, my bad.


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Mom is retching in the bathroom. All six of us got to go in and gets shots, then get shots again in two weeks. She asked if she could get them (thanks for that, Ms. A, seriously, THANKS!)
...he said no. Did we mention she is retching in the bathroom?

Is that, like, an EYE on the top? Is it SMILING?
What all that black stuff... THAT what mom found on our comb? Seriously!
We have hit a new low, actually grossing ourselves out with ourselves.

we just lost our appetites. forever. Cophragia here we come.
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Yesterday, the Fourth of July, mom woke up after sleeping for about 3 days, taking care of us, eating and drinking a little bit, but mostly sleeping. She wanted to give each one of us individual attention, so placed us, one by one, on her tummy while feeding us fresh, organic spinach and gently running the flea comb through our beautiful tresses. How sweet.

UNTIL...she looked at the comb! It was covered in something. Somethin' NASTY!

She is getting the next microscope she sees at the thrift shop, but in the meantime has diagnosed us with mites. We don't have mites! She should have washed the comb! We are not all going to the vet to be examined for mites, and are holding a "sit in" PROTEST to avoid it. That went O.K. until she announced: "Hey, you guys know I can jump to conclusions." To which we all nodded and squealed.
MacNutPie got so excited he started popcorning into the air, spinning 'round with a squeak each time!

She then announced that before taking us to the vet to be examined for mites we would each be bathed and she then left a message asking the vet what she could put on a washcloth and how she could bathe us without actually putting us in a little tub of soapy water. None of this is going down well here at the Caviary and we are waiting for Calvin the small and YumYum before deciding how to proceed as the PIRATE PIGS WE ARE, CAN BE, AND ARE ABOUT TO BECOME: AAARGH! We ain't got mites, we ain't gettin' no bath, and we will let you know what happens next because it gonna happen to mom once we figure out how to build a gangplank - Captain JACK SPARROW, CALLIN' CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! ALL PIRATEPIGS ABOARD-SHIP!
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Our First Love...

Panda Pig came complete with mites, ear mites, matted fur, filth, neglect, and a feeling he would never be wanted or loved.
His tender heart opened upon his arrival until one day he smiled his very first smile, pictured here.

He befriended our sick Bengal cat and compassionately, patiently nursed him through a near-fatal summer illness; after Chai moved to Seattle, PandaPig took on the feisty, wee one we know and love as our very own YumYum: nursing him, snuggling him warm at night, initiating him into the world of runabouts, popcorning, escaping, playing chase, and wheeking until every vegetable in the fridge was served as a fresh organic salad and mom even started growing our own fresh wheatgrass at home!

A rodent smiled at mom.

Now we are six who purr, popcorn, wheek, and know the difference between a bag of carrots being removed from the fridge and a bag of fresh spinach...we love and live with one other and mom! We all smile. We also laugh, for we have found our way Home, at long last, and we are so loved! What's not to smile about?
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She thought: "I Would Never Love A Rodent!" tsk, tsk...

The Guinea Pig Shop Is Born

A funny first-person expose from a woman
certain that she could never love a rodent.
At least guinea pigs don't have tails...
if that helps.

We started out here with just one...

We fell in love with that rodent. How
could we not?
Yet, we live in a world few
understand because who could comprehend
a complex, playful, emotional, social, intuitive,
trickster, comedic personality all contained within
2 1/2 pounds of...a rodent.

Until you fall in love with one. 

pig somewhere loves YOU: If you accept your
fate, know you are doomed to a life of laughter,
fun, giggles galore, love, soothing comfort in times of woe
...and unimaginable discoveries:
for we are extraordinary rodents.
(Without tails. If it helps.)


As if you didn't already know!