Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, January 24, 2011



As we wait patiently to find out whether or not our precious little Coconut is preggers with MacNutPie's mini-pies,
MacNut denies all charges of infiltrating off-limits areas!

"I SAW HIM DO IT!" said Raj Mahal in a recent interview.
"Me, too, I saw him, too!" added Erica, Coconut's best friend.
"I'M HUNGRY, CAN WE JUST HAVE HAY?" demanded Taj Mahal.

Stay tuned, because we don't know what a preggersPig looks like,
but have been informed they become "pear-shaped" and so far,
well: if it looks like a pear, and it walks like a pear...

sigh...that's just what we need around here: BABIES!

Charges have not been filed until alleged "break in" has been
found true or false.

"But MacNut better keep it in his pants!" warned one onlooker.

Will someone please make him some pants? Thank you.
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Tiny Baby Egyptian Tortoise Up Close

When mom volunteered at Woodland Park Zoo, these guys were among her
fave-O-faves and now there are two more in our world! Severely
endangered, no longer wild in Egypt, they are truly fun to watch
and they never fledge and fly away, like the owls, they only get
bigger and more fun to watch...we loves them Egyptian Tortoises!

Guinea Pigs dig this sort of thing!