Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Hair Day

With winds gusting to at least 60 mph for the second consecutive day, and mom's haircut still a week away, things appear bleak. When you have naturally curly hair in a moist climate combined with an onshore flow and - oh! - who are we kidding? The truth is mom hates the low-flow shower here in our "green, earth-friendly" apartment building! So, she doesn't wash her hair that much. And generally keeps it pretty short but thought, given the chilly summer we just had, that longer might be better.

We testify! Not betta! The "Tina Turner" effect is not becoming, mom, and as much as we love you, the day you see Leslie and her magic scissors just can't come soon enough for us!

Even though this is actually one of the chickens she "let the girls out" photographing, it is an astonishingly accurate portrayal of Pacific Northwest hair gone crazy during an unseasonal wind "event" as they say.

And the pic of mom doing yoga a few posts back, well, not exactly her because none of us would get that close with her camera (in case she fell) but she wants us to know she can do that.

Yeah, mom, of course you can. And we love your hair. And we can fly. And you are a gourmet cook and phenomenal housekeeper. And when you walk down the street, everyone you meet turns to take in your iconoclastic personal "style" here where trends are set to be broken! Because nobody gots hair like you! (And the chicken.)

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