Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Tonight it is quiet because Bear is still at the vet, Yum-Yum misses him and mom cannot console him. I would like to offer a prayer of gratitude for friendship between animals. I am just a guinea pig nobody wanted. Since being adopted and creating PandaPigSanctuary, mom has also adopted littleYumYum and, last Christmas Eve, Bear the Beaver Pig. Now we are Three Pigs!  Three guinea pigs and mom!  We are now the family we never had.  And tomorrow, Bear is coming Home! So, tonight, while YumYum is sad, I am grateful that we at least have each other and enjoy the beauty, warmth, and comfort of our first real Home. Mom said "That includes me, too, Panda!"
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Yum-Yum misses Bear so much he spent the night alone, sadly, in his ferret sleeping bag instead of playing with his toys, rearranging his cage, wheeking, and socializing with me. I've never seen him like this but it must be how I was when Chai moved down to Seattle. In fact, that's probably one reason mom brought Yum-Yum home, to cheer me up.

It's never been so quiet. There is nothing that will cheer him up because even though mom keeps telling Yum that "Bear will be home tomorrow," (well, most of him will be) Wee Willie Winkie has no concept of time.

We live in the moment;
we're spiritual that way.

But, for now, the boisterous, playful, circus-act we know and love as Yum-Yum has retreated into his sleeping bag and is not even hungry. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

We all miss Bear. It's just too quiet on the PigPonderosa and there is nothing to be done but wait and listen to the birds singing boisterously outside that "Spring is coming! Spring is coming!" Even the red-winged blackbirds' bright red epaulets are growing in. Handsome creatures! And don't they know it!

For now, however, it remains too quiet, and Yum-Yum has discovered how deep friendship runs within the "Herd that Hears."
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